The Revolution of
Influencer Marketing

The Revolution of
Influencer Marketing

Advertise your products to customers on Instagram, from people they trust. Automatic, secure and effective. Welcome to the world of Programmatic Influencer Marketing.

Buy Influencer posts automatically.
As many as you want.

Reach your customers on Instagram with cost-effective Influencer Marketing. Your products are advertised from many Micro-Influencers to their followers on Instagram. How many people you want to reach with your campaign is up to you. Control how the Influencer posts look like by choosing one of our templates.

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Buy Influencer posts automatically.<br> As many as you want.

The secret behind Programmatic Influencer Marketing

For a long time, it was tough to work with Influencers. Manual research, endless negotiations and the process of reviewing the content make current Influencer Marketing difficult. With Programmatic Influencer Marketing, we focus on what matters:
Giving a lot of Influencers your product to post it on Instagram and increasing your sales.

A lot of small Influencers

Receive as much reach as you want with a lot of small Influencers. Profit from various unique content pieces & authentic advertising.

Template for Influencer posts

Book posts from Influencer exactly how you want it and don’t worry about misunderstood briefings.

Made for everyone

You don’t need to be an expert, to advertise your products with Programmatic Influencer Marketing.

Save your time

Stop wasting your time and focus on what matters. Book postings as you want and let us take care of it.

Plannable & transparent

You get the reach and Influencer posts you booked. Influencer Marketing is now plannable & transparent.

Works for every industry

We find million of people worldwide. Book Influencer for every industry and product.

Why you should work with Micro-Influencer

You only need to work with the best performing Influencer. Big Influencer often do many advertisements and still don’t reach all of their followers. Micro-Influencers are more authentic and have an much more engaging audience.

Less advertisement

Micro-Influencer do on average 40% less advertisement. This results in higher awareness of the advertised products.

Higher engaged audience

Due to authenticity, the followers are more engaged with the content and have a higher trust in the Influencer.

Save money

Big Influencer receive a lot of brand requests, which increases the prices. We pay the Influencer a fixed rate for every thousand followers. Nothing more.

Scale your Influencer Marketing with automation.

We are where your customers are – everywhere!

Work with INFLURY to advertise your products with Influencers worldwide.
With our technology and dedicated operations team – we are running campaigns where your customers are!

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