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Um sich erfolgreich im Influencer Umfeld zu bewegen, brauchen Werbetreibende belastbare Strukturen. Das bedeutet: Abläufe müssen standardisiert sein, Statistiken einsehbar, Preise transparent, Kampagnen skalierbar und Erfolge messbar. Mit Influry verwaltest du deine kompletten Influencer Marketing Aktivitäten an einem Ort. Buche Influencer, analysiere Accounts und verwalte dein Netzwerk.

Influry Influencer Monitoring Features
Booking Platform

Create, launch and evaluate easily Influencer campaigns. Algorithms identify key Influencers that fit your brand and target audience, bookable at market-oriented real-time prices. Before booking an Influencer, you get full access to its target audience and performance analytics.

Influencer Booking
Target Audience Analytics
Content Review
Influencer Messaging
Campaign Reporting
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Our Influencer analysis grants you access to extensive metrics of Influencers worldwide. Analyze the performance, target audience and historical data. On top of that you can detect previous brand partnerships, evaluate the value of an Influencer and analyze the Follower Quality Score.

Target Audience Analytics
Follower Quality Score
Performance Tracking
Branded Content Analysis
Influencer Value
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Relationship Management

Manage automatically your Influencer network and start collaborating in an more efficient way. Influencer Relations provides you with analytics to your Influencers and shows you all relevant information in one place. Notes, ratings and tags enriches your database even more.

Manage Contacts
Collaborate with Influencers
Influencer Tracking
Add Notes, Ratings & Tags
Keep track of campaigns
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A smart place for all your Influencer activities

Full-Service Software

Influry is the first fully automated Influencer Marketing Software with solutions for every activity in the Influencer Market.

Transparent Prices

Keep on track with current prices and use our real-time prices auction. At the creation of every campaign we suggest the CPM bid for your selected ad format and target audience.

Historical Data

We offer historical data on every Influencers performance and activities. Make better decisions by having a transparent picture on its account.

A smart place for all your Influencer activities

Book Influencer Immediately

Reach million of peoples with professional Product Placements in Social Media. Book defined ad formats with Influencers in real-time and fix CPM prices.

Automated Workflows

Scale your Influencer campaigns by using our automated workflow. Our software automates finding, booking, analyzing, handling and reporting Influencers.

Deep Analytics

Analyze the Performance and Target Audience of Influencers to understand their impact and collaborate only with the best. Analyze the audience and get access to demographical, geographical and socio graphically data.

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