Programmatic Influencer Marketing

Programmatic Influencer Marketing

Generate brand awareness, growth & sales with Programmatic Influencer Marketing. Benefit from a fast setup, effortless campaign management and clear reporting.

Profit from the power of micro-influencers with INFLURY

More and more customers trust the opinions of influencers when making purchase decisions or learning bout new products or services. Therefore, with the help from online opinion leaders you can reach new audiences, increase brand trust and generate more sales.

But how to find the right people for your brand? Imagine you could get 100 influential people to advertise your brand with the effort of five minutes. INFLURY makes this possible.

INFLURY is the first global solution that offers Programmatic Influencer Marketing. We offer companies advertisement from influencers at a scale, with data-driven technology.

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Profit from the power of micro-influencers with INFLURY

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Why choose Programmatic Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing has usually demanded a lot of time and effort. Even most of the softwares and platforms on the market still require a lot of manual work from the customer. Luckily these days are now over, as INFLURY’s software takes Influencer Marketing to the next level:

3+ million micro-influencers

You will have a large selection of pre-qualified micro-influencers to fit with your offering.

Instagram post templates

You can easily control the look of the posts with our templates.

Structured briefings

No more misunderstandings or accidentally left-out elements

Data-based booking

The influencers are booked based on their content performance and fit for your brand, to get you the best people possible.

Controlled payment

We require a one-time payment for the campaign, making accounting easy. We also take care of all for the influencer payouts.

Easy campaign analysis

From the campaign dashboard you can easily see all the campaign performance metrics which matter.

We have discounted all our campaign packages until 31.12.19!

Why should you work with micro-influencers?

The engagement rate of influencers across social media channels decreases when the amount of followers increases. Micro-influencers are individuals with a social media following between 1000 and 100 000 people. They are considered to be experts in their chosen niches, making them very potential for companies.

We at INFLURY work with micro-influencers with a follower count between 10 000 and 100 000 people, to get you the best performance for your budget.

Bigger impact

The micro-influencer’s audience is more engaged and trusts his/her opinions and recommendations more.

Less competition

Micro-influencers do on average 40% less advertising than bigger influencers, resulting in higher awareness

Smaller fees

Influencers with millions of followers charge accordingly. With micro-influencers you can keep your budget better in control.

We are where your customers are – everywhere!

With INFLURY you can easily advertise your products with influencers worldwide. Our international team will help you run Influencer Marketing campaigns wherever your customers are – or could be!

3+ Mio

Influencers worldwide




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