About us

About us

Learn more about our culture, people and mission

Learn more about our culture, people and mission

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Who we are

We are an Influencer Marketing Platform from Berlin

At INFLURY, we want to enable companies and micro-influencers to grow their businesses and inspire their audiences through creative micro-influencer campaigns. And we want them to be able to do this efficiently, because nobody has time to waste.

Not wanting to waste any time was also in the mind of a young Levin Vostell, when he was working with influencers back in 2015. He thought that the influencers were a great way to promote his projects, but he was fed up with how long all the management was taking and how much manual work there was.

And he was convinced that he was not the only one feeling that way.

Levin was sure that there would have to be a better way, a faster way, to work with influencers. A way to just automatise it. All he needed, was someone to help him realise his idea.

As faith would have it, he soon met with a certain Roman who quickly became convinced of this idea of Levin’s. That he should help Levin build an automatised influencer marketing platform and make sure working with influencers would be a breeze for others as well.

With Roman’s technological knowledge the first version of the platform was born in 2016, and so was the company. Fast forward today INFLURY is a growing start-up with over 500 campaigns under its belt across Europe. It has grown from 7 to over 30 employees within 2019 alone. And there is nothing to stop us!

Our principles


Open communication is crucial for us. Everybody can and should share their ideas freely. By operating in a bullshit-free zone we can move faster and get to the point quickly.


Satisfaction from our customers, influencers and partners is the fuel of our engine. We do not worry about how we look like, but what we achieve together as a team.


The faster we communicate what we really think, the sooner we can solve issues and get things done. You don’t hurt someone by telling what you really think, but by NOT being honest.


We believe that education is key to success. The world is moving faster than ever before and technological progress getting shorter and shorter. Therefore it’s essential that we share knowledge with others and are always open to learn new things.


We give and receive a lot of feedback in order to improve ourselves. Don’t just wait for someone to give you feedback; ask for it yourself. And also provide feedback similar way to your colleagues and supervisors.


We strongly believe that our most valuable asset is our team. Our culture is shaped by empathy. This is the ultimate key to the place we want to get in the world!

Our team

Who we are

Meet the team responsible for making it all happen! Whether taking care of our clients, the micro-influencers, the platform or the whole company, our team is ready for everything.

Levin Vostell
Levin Vostell Founder & CEO

Roman Kozhukhivskyi
Roman Kozhukhivskyi Co-Founder & CTO

Anja Schwenke
Anja Schwenke Chief Operation Officer

Michael Schütz
Michael Schütz Chief Customer Officer

Stefanie Neumann
Stefanie Neumann Creative Director

Alla Anianova
Alla Anianova Influencer Marketing Manager

Corentin Piron
Corentin Piron Business Development

Ella Taivalsaari
Ella Taivalsaari Influencer Marketing Manager

Filipi do Vale
Filipi do Vale Influencer Marketing Manager

Ilaria Schiavon
Ilaria Schiavon Team Lead Influencer Marketing

Ingo Webecke
Ingo Webecke VP Strategic Alliances

Johanna Ingelfinger
Johanna Ingelfinger Influencer Marketing Manager

Kira Drössler
Kira Drössler Influencer Marketing Manager

Marie Becker
Marie Becker Team Lead Influencer Marketing

Matthias Sondermann
Matthias Sondermann Full-Stack Developer

Maximilian Förster
Maximilian Förster Performance Marketing Manager

Milton Läufer
Milton Läufer Full-Stack Developer

Natascha Tesic
Natascha Tesic Account Managerin

Nicolas Gentes-Silva
Nicolas Gentes-Silva Influencer Marketing Consultant

Nikol Pasalic
Nikol Pasalic Influencer Marketing Manager

Oliver Grimm
Oliver Grimm Influencer Marketing Consultant

Sara Gonçalves
Sara Gonçalves HR & Business Development Manager

Sebastian Burock
Sebastian Burock Head of Campaigns

Sofia Rezunov
Sofia Rezunov Performance Marketing Manager

Susanne Weidenbrück
Susanne Weidenbrück Jr. Influencer Marketing Manager

Thijs De Keukelaere
Thijs De Keukelaere Influencer Marketing Manager

Vivai Grawe
Vivai Grawe Influencer Marketing Manager

Waqas Sajid
Waqas Sajid Business Development

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