Case Study: Pet Head

Campaign with 39 Micro-Influencers for PET HEAD

Brand: Pet Head

Pet Head was created by Kyara Mascolo the original creator of Bed Head hair care products. The duo, Bruno & Kyara Mascolo, are the owners and founders of Toni & Guy Salons & Academies. The products are all pH balanced for different pet types to make sure they are safe for skin and the smell is amazing (amazing fruity fragrances). The creation was inspired to launch Pet Head, an edgy, fashion-forward line of pet products out of founder’s love for animals. Pet Head is manufactured in the USA and distributed globally.


The product range consists of soothing shampoo’s, cool conditioners, stylish sprays, gorgeous grooming products and bling bathing accessories specially developed for different pets. Pet Head smells unique, amazing and fresh. This is one of the key features that differentiates Pet Head from other brands on the market. Furthermore, Pet Head formulas are pH adjusted and free of petroleum derivatives and DEA and will not harm your dog if licked or swallowed and is completely safe for your pet.


We are so excited and proud of our product. It's really easy to create a landing page for your awesome product.

1,1 mio reach

The total amount of followers reached with the campaign

72.500 Engagements

The total amount of likes and comments on all posts

39 Influencers

The amount of Influencers participated in the campaign

6,58% engagement rate

The percentage from all followers who interacted with the content

11.000€ media value

The value of the reach gained by the campaign compared to traditional marketing

28,3k avg. reach per Influencer

The average amount of followers per Influencer

Some posts from the campaign


Followers: 29.800
Engagement rate: 20.11%

Advertisement: ‘Cause Santa doesn’t come for smelly sausages! 💦🛁 . We first fell in love with @petheadofficial’s for their oatmeal range when G was a pup as he had that typical sensitive puppy fur. Now he’s a big boy (or thinks he is!) we’ve now got a little collection going on of their products which are pH balanced and smell amazing! 🍓 . Big fans of the Feeling Flaky, this keeps his sensitive bits happy and smells like strawberries (he comes out like Lotso! 🐻) followed by Furtastic Creme Rinse to keep him velvety for stranger strokes, a swish of Tangle Fix Spray and toe bean massage with our fave Oatmeal Paw Butter and he’s Santa ready! 🎅 . A link to shop our recommendations can be found in our bio!

#ad #petheadofficial #dogshampoo #petheadshampoo #santalovesstrawberries

Some posts from the campaign


Followers: 15.900
Engagement rate: 13.71%

Advertisement: Shower alert 🚨 A parcel arrived for me from @petheadofficial but the strawberry yogurt i smelled was NOT for eating 😭🍓Swipe left to see what i happened to me!! 😱😤 P.S. I smelled wonderful afterwards but that’s NOT the point 🤭🤫 *** P.P.S. All products are pH balanced to make sure they are safe for dog’s skin with amazing fruity fragrances 😜 ***

#petheadofficial #dogshampoo #petheadshampoo #tongueouttuesday #advertisement #xmaspresents #xmastree #ilovechristmas #minischnauzersofinstagram #dab

Some posts from the campaign


Followers: 29.000
Engagement rate: 6,01%

Advertisement: Washing away those weekend hangovers and feeling furtastic after using my @petheadofficial shampoo! 💁🏻‍♀️ I used the ‘dirty talk’ shampoo which smells like oranges! 😝🍊 They also have blueberry muffin and strawberry yoghurt flavours! 🍓 Yum! Check out all of their different products via the link in my bio and you can smell and look as fresh as me! 😁 I also love the Oatmeal Paw Butter cream which really helps with dry paws in this cold weather! ❄️ All products are pH balanced and suitable for all doggy skin types! Yay! 😁

#petheadofficial #dogshampoo #petheadshampoo #AD .

Some posts from the campaign


Followers: 54.200
Engagement rate: 3.99%

Advertisement: “Mum, I told you not to disturb me during my personal @petheadofficial pamper time!” She just wants to sit and sniff me because I smell like blueberry muffins, 🙄 so greedy! I feel fabulous after using my shampoos, FEELING FLAKY, DIRTY TALK and FURTASTIC CREME RINSE! Then, I have a little splash of DOGS BFF TANGLE FIX SPRAY, and finish with my fave OATMEAL PAW BUTTER. All products are pH balanced to make sure they are safe for dog’s skin and still smell AMAZING! You can find the link to the PET HEAD amazon shop in my bio!

#petheadofficial #dogshampoo #petheadshampoo #huskylife

Some posts from the campaign


Followers: 24.500
Engagement rate: 3.42%

Advertisement: When I lead the way to adventure, I also lead the way to lots of mud 😜 Which is why mum loves to use @petheadofficial after a muddy walk! It leaves me clean, soft and smelling better than ever 😍 . Pet Head have a wide range of products to meet all your pets needs, my favourite is the natural oatmeal shampoo! I also used to use their whitening shampoo on Oscar and it worked wonders! Do you use Pet Head? If so, what’s your favourite product? 🐾 #ad

Some posts from the campaign
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