What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing Definition:
Influencer Marketing describes the use of social media personalities in online marketing. The “Influencer” recommend products, services or even brands to their followers, in exchange for a reward from the brand.

The benefits of influencer marketing are based primarily on a trust relationship between the influencers and their followers. This is built on shared interests and the insights that influencers give into their lives.
Working with influencers makes it possible to communicate advertising messages to potential buyers in an authentic and targeted manner.
The collaboration with influencers proves to be one of the most effective advertising media and can now be classified as a necessary component of a successful marketing strategy.

A classic case of influencer marketing: A company partners up with an influencer to introduce their new fashion line. For this purpose, the influencer gets a piece of clothing sent to them, that they later upload on their social media via a post on Instagram and recommend to his followers.