Influencer FAQ’s

Learn everything there is to know about joining our platform and participating in our campaigns.

General questions about INFLURY

Which requirements do I have to fulfill to join INFLURY?

To register at INFLURY as an Influencer, you have to be at least 13 years old and having an Instagram account which has to be truthful (not fake followers).

How can I sign up at INFLURY?

You can sign up for free here: You can sign up by using your e-mail or your Google account. Right after you choose to sign up as “Influencer” we will ask you to give us your surname and your first name, as well as your password. If you have not signed up with your Google Account, you will need to verify your INFLURY profile via e-mail. We will send you a confirmation e-mail right after your registration.

Which of my data are you going to have access to, if I am signing up via Google?

If you decide to sign up with your Google Account, you will be informed during the registration about the data that we are going to have access to. You accept these terms when subscribing to INFLURY via Google. The data we are going to get are:

  • Your Name
  • Your E-Mail address
I forgot my password. How can I login to INFLURY?

If you forget your password, go to our Login page: and you will find the button “Forgot Password?” under the “Login” button. If you click “Forgot Password” you will receive an e-mail to the address that you gave us. Here you can easily set a new password.

Is this a binding registration or am I going to incur in some costs?

Your registration at INFLURY is absolutely not binding and it is completely free. We want to provide a tool that allows you to grow as an Influencer and to get new campaign proposals, which will permit you to earn money with your Instagram account.

I noticed a mistake, how can I report it?

In case of a mistake that it is not possible to be changed through the settings section,  you can contact us and we can help you out.


Anything you need to know about product placement campaigns with brands.

How often can I expect a request for a campaign?

This depends on how many matching campaigns we have for you,  your Instagram account and category. The law of supply and demand! In fact, it depends on your profile, the number of followers / fans and the target group you are interested in. Unfortunately, we can not tell you the exact number of campaigns, as many factors depend on it. An essential part is also the information you provide us with. For example, if the shipping address is needed for a campaign and you have not provided this to us, then we will have to choose another influencer, with a complete profile. Mostly, we are going to run campaigns that need influencers with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers.

How will I be notified about new campaigns?

Firstly, you will receive a notification in your INFLURY account, which you can see at the top right by clicking the bell. Furthermore, you will also be notified by an e-mail. Usually, you will receive a notification for each new action regarding your account and you can specify in the settings section which notifications you want to receive via e-mail. In order not to miss anything we recommend that you leave the default settings.

How much time do I have to respond to a request?

Since we usually request multiple influencers, we give everyone 5 days to decide if they want to participate in the campaign. The motto here is: “First comes, first served”.

Can I view campaigns prior to my commitment?

When you get a campaign suggestion, you will be able to see the product, brand, and post details. The company chooses in advance how the post and its text should look like, so you will have an idea of ​​what the company is expecting. If you have seen and understood everything, you can make a binding commitment with just one click.

How is a campaign going? What do I have to consider?

Before you start a campaign, you will see the product, brand, and post details. The company chooses in advance how the post and its text should look like, so you have an idea of ​​what the company is expecting. If you have seen and understood everything, you can make a binding commitment with just one click.

Once you have accepted a campaign, we will send you the product in no time. Provided the campaign includes a product shipment and we just need your shipping address. After receiving the product, please create the content (if no product is required, please create the content after accepting the campaign). When you create the content, please upload it to INFLURY. See also ‘Upload Content’

One of our staff will review the content and give you the “GO” or ask you for a redesign. Then you only need to publish the picture and you can send us your bill. See also ‘Send invoice’.

How can I upload the content? Can I upload more than one Text/Photos?

To upload the content for a campaign, you have to go to your Influry account in the “campaigns” section. Here you can select the campaign for which you want to upload content. Below you can upload the picture and the text and, if you want, even more than one. After that, one of our employees marks the matching pictures and texts. If several are confirmed, you can choose from the confirmed pictures and descriptions.

How the payouts of the campaigns work?

7 days after you complete one campaign you will see your balance grow!

In this period of time our staff will check your post and inform you in case of a change. The money will get transferred automatically to your account.

Who bears the shipping costs when applying for a product?

INFLURY covers all shipping costs incurred when sending products to our influencers.  

Can I withdraw from a commitment?

If you once accepted a campaign, it is binding. You can not withdraw a commitment. Please check your capacities before agreeing to take part of a campaign. If you need more information, feel free to contact our support team.

What can I do if I missed a campaign?

If you have ever missed a request and you are interested in participating in the proposed campaign, feel free to contact us via email ( However, cooperation is only possible as long as the campaign is still running.

What happens if I can not stick to the agreement? (eg period not met)

You will know everything about the agreement and the timeline before hand. Though, in the case you can not meet the period of the campaign, the campaign will be assigned to another influencer and unfortunately, you will lose this opportunity.

How can I contact the brand company?

Everything is handled by INFLURY. You can not contact the company. If you have any question for the campaign you can contact us by submitting the contact form in your settings.

How long does it take to release a campaign?

Every campaign has a different deadline for its completion. All the information, including the timeline, will be available to you on the campaign proposal.

Can I search for campaigns?

It’s not possible for you to search for campaigns. We will provide you campaigns that fit to you.

Can I choose my own price?

By categorizing your posts we will get the right information according to your prices.

Do you receive a share of the campaign budget?

For our services we are receiving a small share of the campaign budget. The price we are offering you is the total amount you receive – there are no additional charges for you!when an agreement happens. More information you will get in our terms and conditions. LINK

Why do I not get campaign suggestions?

How often you will get a campaign depends on how many matching campaigns we have for you,  your Instagram account and category. The law of supply and demand! In fact, it depends on your profile, the number of followers / fans and the target group you are interested in. Please check your profile if you have filled every needed information to get better results. Maybe we do not have a matching campaign that fits you. We get new campaigns each and every day.

How can I get more campaign suggestions?

By fulfilling your profile, having a high engagement rate and having no fake followers.

Posting Categorizer

What is the INFLURY post categorizer and how does it work? We explain it here!

Why should I categorize my posts?

If you categorise your posts, we will be able to recognize which are your revenues and your favorite brands. In this way, you will see on a monthly basis how much money you earnt thanks to your Instagram account and which are the brands that you linked the most. Moreover, these information are used for the campaign matching. The more posts you have categorized, the more appropriate campaign proposals you will get.

What do you mean with: “are products in your picture?”

In order to better evaluate your profile, it is good for us to know which are the products and the brands that are shown in your posts. These information are also used for campaign matching. The more posts you have categorized, the more appropriate campaigns proposals you will get.

What is a product placement?

Product placement describes a post in a social media account by using a product to advertise and targeting a specific audience.

Which products should I specify?

In the posts in your instagram account that are product placements, you should specify the products that you advertised. For example, if it is a fashion product, specify if it was a  t-shirt or if it was a scarf.

How many products should I specify at least?

The best is to specify every product that belongs in advertising in your Instagram account. At least we need 6 specified post from you to secure a proper match.

The brand does not have an Instagram account, should I specify the brand anyway?

Even if the brand does not have an Instagram account, you can still specify it.

I can not remember the brand anymore, should I still specify the product?

No worries! In case you do not remember the brand you will be able to only specify the product.

I have categorized all my posts, what should I do now?

Well done! If you categorized all of your posts you can just wait for campaign proposals.

Personal Data

Is my personal data save with INFLURY? YES, it is. Learn more about it below.

Why do you need my name and my address?

We ask for your name and address in order to ship you the products for the campaigns. You can add a different delivery address in your “Settings”. These data are used exclusively by us and by our shipping partners solely to ship the products (e.g., package label).

Which personal data do you need?
  • languages: We ask you for the languages you speak, so we now what campaigns you can possibly do.
  • gender: We ask for your gender identification because some campaigns are exclusively directed to a particular target market, which can be reached mainly through a specific gender.
  • style (fashion): Tell us which is the style that best suits your personality and your Instagram account
  • clothing size: Your clothing size is going to be useful when you will take part of a fashion campaign  
  • shoe size: Your shoe size is going to be useful when you will take part of a fashion campaign
  • height
  • university / educational field: Knowing your field of study might be very important for us when a campaign has to do with events concerning specify topics, such as Economics or Psychology.
  • school / university / organization.
  • job : Are you a full-time Influencer or do you have a second job?
  • organization (for job):
  • food / diet preferences: Let us know if you have particular diet preferences. In some cases, firms might request strictly vegetarian or vegan influencers to advertise their products
  • mobile phone (what mobile phone do you have): if you are participating to a campaign and some important details need to be communicated, we can reach out to you quicker via telephone. Of course, for proposals or not urgent informations we will contact you exclusively via e-mail.
Why do you need my telephone number?

We need your telephone number to easily reach out to you, if some important details of an on-going campaign need to be quickly communicated.

What are you doing with my data?

Your data will only be used for internal purposes to suggest you suitable campaigns and to make the process as easy as possible for you. We are obligated to the GDPR and treat your data according to the German data protection guidelines as well as the guidelines of the European Union. More information can be found in our terms and conditions and the privacy policy. 

How can I deactivate my INFLURY account?

You can deactivate your account whenever you want to. To do it, scroll down until the end of the section “Settings”.

Account-related questions

Why do I have to verify my Instagram account?

To make sure that the Instagram account really belongs to you, we have incorporated a verification process. This includes copying an automatically generated code into your Instagram description (Instagram Bio) and our system will review it.

Do you get access to my Instagram account?

No, we do not get any access to your Instagram account. We get your data from the publicly available information of your profile. We have NO access to your account. That means we can NOT post, write, comment or post messages (DM’s) on your behalf.

Do I have to fill in all the information?

Please fill in your profile as much as possible. In this way we can send you more campaign suggestions and you can earn more money.

Can I connect more than one Instagram Accounts?

You can connect more than one account to your INFLURY profile but please, be aware that you are only allowed to use Instagram channels that are yours. If you are a Management or Agency for Influencers, please contact us directly.

What is the To-Do List?

The To-Do list that you can see on your profile contains what still is in abeyance and of course the next steps on your campaigns.

Example: The information you need to add in your profile, the new campaign proposals you will have.

What are the points for?

The points that are visible are an extra reminder to update your profile. The points are automatically changed when you update your information. The higher your points, the better and more updated your profile is.

What do I get points for?

You get points from updating your profile information. In this way we can provide you a secure match for the campaigns and send you more proposals. The most points you will get for participating to campaigns.

How do I get to the next level?

The more points you earn, the easier it is to get to the next level. Completing and filing all the information in your profile helps us to know more about you. You also earn points for participating to campaigns.

Can I assign my instagram account to a category?

The best course of action is to assign your instagram account to a category. That way you will be able to get booked for campaigns that interest you and your target audience more. To work on fields that you are passionate about and you have better knowledge of.

My category is not included, what am I doing now?

In case your category is not included, you can always add it in the extra space you can see at the end of the section, after the already existing optional categories.

I have selected the category, how can I save it?

Do not worry! The categories and all your information is automatically saved in the system.

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