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Full analytics of Influencers worldwide for Instagram & YouTube

Full analytics of Influencers worldwide for Instagram & YouTube

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Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

The performance analytics provides all the data on the channel and posts of Influencers.

Engagement Rate

See how active the followers of Influencers are by analyzing how many percents of the followers are engaging (comment or liking) with the content.

Follower Growth

Get live data and historical data on how many followers are gained by the Influencer. Detect trends and fake followers by analyzing historical data.

Likes & Comments

Detect how many likes and comments an post gets on average and find the best performing posts.

Last Posts

Get an overview of current and previous posts of the Influencer and get more details by clicking on it.

Posts per week

Understand how active the Influencer is an how many posts are published per week.

Target Audience

Understand who the followers of Influencers are by analyzing demographical and geographical data. Works for any public Instagram channel worldwide.


Audiences are split into female and male. Learn who is following the Influencer.


Ages are shown precisely and are optionally split into genders as well.


Understand what languages are spoken by the followers and in what language they publish content.


See from which countries the followers are coming from or are located at the moment.

Quality Score

Understand what impact an Influencer has by seeing what quality degree the followers have.

Target Audience

Identify advertisement

Our analytics identify advertisements and branded content automatically in Influencer content. Click on the material to learn more about the ad.

Content with publicly marked advertisements

Analysis of hashtags and tags

Text analysis for words likely to be an advertisement

Brand mentions in the description

Logo is shown in content (coming soon)

Identify advertisement

Detect fake followers

We collect historical data of Influencers worldwide. Our database features most of the Instagrammers & YouTubers worldwide. With the help of historical data you can see the follower growth from the past 12-24 months. Easily detect if an Influencer cheated by buying fake followers. This will be shown in the graph as an unusual growth.

Detect fake followers

Understand the power of hashtags & tags

Become aware of spammy and overused hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to let new users discover the content. When they are used in posts, new users can discover the content through the search. However, too many hashtags or spammy hashtags may falsify the statistics of an Influencer due to fake engagements from bots. (e.g. #like4like , #beautiful #sunshin etc.)

Tip: an average of 2-4 hashtags are natural and enough.

Understand the power of hashtags & tags

Too many image tags are downgrading the content

With the functionality of image tags, Instagrammers can tag other accounts in the image and the post is shown under the “tagged images” area on the users’ channel. This is useful to tag people shown in the image or tag the brand mentioned in the post. However, some Instagrammers are adding random Instagram accounts with a large following to get more attraction. This may cause fake engagements or an overloaded image with non-relevant tags.

Tip: an average of 3-5 tags are enough

Understand the power of hashtags & tags

What makes our analytics special

Easy understandable data

The data we show is easily understandable for everyone. It enables you to make data-driven decisions and having a full picture of Influencers.

Updated in real-time

Our data is always up to date. You don’t have to worry anymore about updating it. It’s all done automatically.

Detect advertisement

Our self-learning algorithm can detect advertisement and placements on the channel of Influencer. We mark every sponsored post for you.

Historical data

We collect and analyze historical data on performance, follower growth, posts and advertisements. Use this data to make smart decisions.

Available for any Influencer worldwide

Our analytics works on every public Instagram and YouTube channel. We collect and analyze publicly available data and aggregate it for you.

Artifical Intelligence

With the help of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, we analyze big data and transform it into analytics for humans.

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