Scale your Influencer Marketing campaigns with just a few clicks. Use our automation to save time and track results with our reporting.

Scale your Influencer Marketing campaigns with just a few clicks. Use our automation to save time and track results with our reporting.

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Automatic Booking

Create a booking request and let us identify the best matching Influencers worldwide. Only take care of the content review and analyze the results.

Reach out to your Influencers

Send campaign invitations to any Influencer in the world directly from your Influencer database. Influencers don’t have to sign up to run the campaign with you.

Briefing Assistant

Create powerful briefings with the help of our briefing assistant. Your briefings are automatically enriched with info and images of your brands and products.

Content Review

Be in full control of what gets published. Review the content and give feedback to the Influencer.

In-App Messenger

Communicate with the Influencers to address individual thoughts and start building a relationship.

Extended Reporting

Measure the results of your campaigns with our reporting. Get an overview of the entire campaign and for each published post.

Automatic vs. Individual Booking

Understand the difference between automatic and individual bookings. Combine both strategies to unlock the full potential.

Automatic Booking

If you want to find new Influencers quickly, this is the right way. We are booking matching Influencers automatically according to your request and price strategy. Only take care of the content review and measure results.

Tip: Makes sense for scaling campaigns with Micro-Influencers and simple strategies

Individual Booking

Work with Influencers you know and book Key-Influencers to your campaign directly from your database. Arrange individual deals and negotiate the price with the Influencers your own.

Tip: Use individual bookings for your Key-Influencer and individual strategies

Automatic vs. Individual Booking

What makes our campaigns special

Start a campaign in 5 minutes

Your campaign is ready to launch in 5 minutes. Don’t waste time on the set-up and focus on quality and optimization.

Scale campaigns easily

Work with as many Influencers as you want. It is the same effort to book 5 or 100 Influencers.

Individual & Automatic Booking

Decide if you want an individual or automatic booking. Combine both strategies to make the most out of it.

Prevent fake followers

We analyze the historical data of Influencers and block Influencers who cheated automatically.

Pay the best price

Our software reaches out to as many Influencers as needed. With data, we can negotiate a fair price and we don’t accept prices too high.

Smart automation

Only use automation where it makes sense. We enable you to work smarter, but you are always making the important decisions your own.

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Getting started with Influencer campaigns has never been that easy. Decide if you add your existing Influencers to your campaign or let us book the right Influencers.

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