Your Influencer Relations start here

Your Influencer Relations start here

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Add Influencer & Social Media channels

Add any Influencer and their Social Media Channels to your database

Store Influencer data

Store any data you want. From contact information to shoe size – anything is possible.

Campaign overview

Get an overview of campaigns and invitations you have sent to your Influencers

Search your influencer database

Apply filters and search your database to find the best Influencers to work with

Categorize, add tags & notes

Add categories & tags to Influencers to handle your database. Track manual activities by adding notes

Rate Influencers

Each member of your team can individually rate Influencers by your own criteria. Understand the overall rating of Influencers.

Run campaigns with your Influencers directly from your database – within just a few clicks.

What makes our Influencer CRM special

All Influencers at one place

Get an overview of any Influencer you have identified or worked within one place.

Build your Influencer database

By adding Influencers, you find or work with you are building your own database that grows from day to day.

Automatic updates

Stop wasting your time on updating data and activity. All activities are logged and analytics are updated automatically.

Search your database

Stop doing searches manually and apply filters to your database to find matching Influencers for your needs.

Collaborate with Influencer

After applying filters you can directly invite any Influencer of your database to your campaign – with just a few clicks.

Integrated analytics

Keep track of your Influencers by analyzing their performance, previous brand partnerships and their followers – automatically!

Easy usable

Whether you are an Influencer pro or a beginner: starting is easy and our tool supports you while you are becoming a real Influencer-geek.

Made for teams

INFLURY is made for teams. Collaborate with all your colleagues in the software and keep track of activities automatically.

Small business & enterprises

We believe that a software tool should be scalable. That is why INFLURY works for small businesses and for enterprises. Reach out to us to discuss.

Start your database for free

Get started with our Influencer Relationship Management for free and add your Influencers to fully collaborate with them and get access to our features.

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