Make money as a micro-influencer with INFLURY

Make money as a micro-influencer with INFLURY

Take part in interesting advertising campaigns from brands that fit your profile. Earn money on Instagram and grow your own follower base.

Receive products you and your audience will love.
Post them & get paid.

Get access to product placement and other branded content opportunities. Receive cool products for free and get paid for posting them on your Instagram channel. Inspire and educate your followers.

All campaign management will happen via our platform, and mostly handled by us. You will receive detailed instructions on how and what to post, be compensated fairly and paid promptly.

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Receive products you and your audience will love. <br>Post them & get paid.

How does INFLURY work

INFLURY is the easiest way for micro-influencers to make money with their Instagram channels. Forget about the back-and-forth with brands and waiting for feedback. Receive campaign proposals, which you can accept immediately, without waiting for feedback of the company. Just receive the products, post the content and get paid. That easy!

Get campaign proposals

All information about the campaign in one look. If you accept our offer, you are booked immediately – without waiting.

Receive the product in a few days

After you accepted the campaign, you will receive the product immediately. The product is yours – you can keep it!

Produce content and upload to INFLURY

Produce the content showing the product and upload the content to INFLURY. You will get a feedback within 24 hours from us.

Publish post
& get paid

Publish the content at the agreed time. We will create the reporting for the brand automatically and pay you.

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Your benefits with INFLURY

Easy way to monetize your Instagram channel

Fast and secure payout for your posts

No long discussions or contract negotiations

Offers only from brands that fit your style

More awareness and followers to your own account

Insights on how to reach more people and grow your audience

Companies that trust INFLURY


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