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Through our algorithm, we can automatically suggest campaigns of brands and products that suit you. Our suggestions are based on your interests and your desired budgets for cooperation. It is important to us, that you have complete control over who you want to work with.

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Enter cooperations with brands and earn money through placements in your social media channels. We help you keep the time involved to a minimum, so you can focus on content.

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Fair prices and simple payout

Do not sell yourself below value and get your payout without complications

Thanks to our price strategy, you get a fixed price for placements, without annoying negotiations with companies. Simply determine your desired price and get reputable campaigns suggested. The payout at Influry is directly transferred to your bank account, without having to run after your money.

Automated processes that help you

Save time and always keep an overview

Our software helps you save valuable time by automating important processes and ensuring you the greatest possible flexibility. You can thus work professionally with brands and keep all co-operations and tasks in view.

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Work with your favorite brands

We connect brands and companies.

Through our algorithm, we can automatically suggest campaigns of brands and products that suit you.

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