The new way of advertising

The new way of advertising

Advertise products to your customers in a new way. Programmatic Influencer Marketing makes it possible to buy sponsored posts on Instagram channels from Influencers.

Advertise products to your customers in a new way. Programmatic Influencer Marketing makes it possible to buy sponsored posts on Instagram channels from Influencers.

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Get attention for your brand.
Influencers advertise your product.

In a distracted world, it has been getting harder to win the attention of your customers. With Influencer Marketing real people advertise your product to the ones that care. Programmatic Influencer Marketing enables you to control how your product is advertised by Influencers, who and how many people will see it. Take advantage of the authenticity and trust of Influencers in an entirely new way.

Welcome to Programmatic Influencer Marketing.

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Get attention for your brand. <br>Influencers advertise your product.

How it works

Run your Micro-Influencer campaign now to advertise your products. It will take you only 10 minutes.
Our automation and team of dedicated Influencer Marketing experts are taking care of everything for you.

Choose how your product should be advertised

Select photos, based on your product, how Influencers should advertise or upload your own.

Select a package and total reach for your campaign

Decide how many people you want to reach with the campaign and the quality of Influencers.

Ship your Products

Ship the products to us. We are sending personalized packages to the Influencers.

Influencers are handled by us. Details in your reporting

We make sure the Influencers are posting as you wanted. Receive a full reporting in your dashboard.

Buy attention through Influencers. In a few clicks.

Our data-driven model makes Influencer Marketing easy to book. We focus on delivering the best Influencers to the best prices, so your brand gets the attention it needs.

Influencer posts

Choose how the Influencer posts should look like. Keep control of your brand safety and decide how your products are presented.

Target audience

Select the target audience you want to reach with your Influencer Marketing campaign. Based on demographics, geographics and interests.

Reach & Budget

What kind of Influencer should post about your product? Calculate the quality and reach according to your budget.

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Templates for Influencer posts

Our database contains thousands of examples. Get suggestions according to your product and brand. Then only choose the style in which your product should be advertised.

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We are happy to assist you personally

You will have free access to our Influencer expert team that assists and helps you through the entire process. Let’s make your campaigns a success.

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Levin Vostell Founder & CEO

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Milad Papahn Senior Influencer Marketing Consultant

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Karol Zagorski Customer Success Manager

Ingo Webecke
Ingo Webecke VP Strategic Alliances

Your benefits

Get attention for your products through Micro-Influencer in an easy and fast way.
We commit ourself to the promises we give. Learn why brands of every industry work with us.

Buy Influencer ads in just a few clicks

Database of 2 million Influencers

Templates for Influencer posts

Reporting for your campaign

Pay only for what you get

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