Instagram Influencer Marketing

Reach your business goals with results-driven micro-influencer marketing on Instagram

Collaborate with creative micro-influencers on Instagram

Reach your target audience through creative micro-influencers with a perfect brand & product fit.

Let them promote your products and services to their followers.

Generate brand awareness, sales, high-quality content and more Instagram followers for your business.

And without you having to lift a finger.

Our account and campaign managers will do all the campaign management for you.

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Collaborate with creative micro-influencers on Instagram
<h4>Get more results from the influencer campaigns with retargeting ads<h4>

Get more results from the influencer campaigns with retargeting ads

We reuse the best performing influencer content for social media retargeting ads so that you can:

Generate more sales and ROI

Convince the non-converted audiences to return to your website.

Grow your channels

Attract even more followers to your own social media channels.

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Receive a results-oriented and data-driven influencer marketing strategy

Together with your account manager you’ll create a results-oriented influencer marketing strategy. We’ll make sure that your campaigns reach their objectives.

Work only with high-performing micro-influencers, selected based on your criteria.

Have you brand presented from all angles through Instagram feed posts, carousels and Stories.

Ensure campaign performance through influencer-specific links, discount codes and landing pages.

Enjoy a fast campaign set-up

After you have given us the needed information, we’ll take the wheel. Our influencer marketing managers take care of all the campaign management for you! You only need to sit back and watch the campaign results roll in.

Give us the campaign details

Brand information, product photos and how you wish the posts to look like.

Select the campaign package

Choose the target audience and how many people you want to reach monthly.

Choose a product shipment

In case of a physical product, we can ship them to the influencers or you can do it yourself.

Analyse the results from a dashboard

Get access real-time campaign metrics. In addition you’ll receive a campaign report from us

All our services in one go

Thanks to automation, we’re able to offer a full-service model for a cost-effective price.

Influencer selection

Our platform algorithm chooses the best influencers from over 3.5 million influencers worldwide.

Fake follower check

We analyse the influencers’ target audiences, and make sure that they don’t have any fake followers.

Manual Quality check

Our influencer marketing experts control all influencers before we book them for you.

brief creation

We’ll create for you a personalised brief which will make sure you’ll campaigns turn out successfully.

Product shipment

Our professional logistics team will take care of all the product shipments to the influencers.

Content review

Before the influencers publish anything, we’ll control that their content meets the brief and all other quality requirements.

Influencer communications

You don’t have to worry about communicating with the influencers. We’ll take care of it all.

Content check

After the influencers have posted, we’ll check it once more to make sure everything is as it should be.

Influencer payment

We’ll take care of all the payments for the influencers. You’ll only need to pay us once.

Full reporting

You’ll get access to a dashboard where you can analyse all the campaign results in real time.

Content usage rights

You’ll have the rights to use the influencers’ content in your own digital channels for 24 months.

Account manager

You can reach out to your personal Account Manager with any questions you might have.

Find the right micro-influencers on Instagram

No need to search for influencers on Instagram. Our campaign managers will handle it for you.

Collaborate only with the influencers who are a perfect fit for your brand. Our data-driven platform and our experts will take care of it.

No fake followers. No blurry pictures. No missing hashtags or other important requirements.

Only high-quality promotion for your brand.

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Find the right micro-influencers on Instagram


What is INFLURY?

INFLURY is a automated Micro-Influencer Marketing & Retargeting Platform with over 3,5 million influencers globally.

How does INFLURY work?

Your personal Account Manager we’ll create, together with you, an influencer marketing & performance marketing strategy to fit your business objectives. The campaigns will be managed completely by us – you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Why do influencer marketing on Instagram?

With more than 1 billion users, Instagram is a powerful channel to reach young audiences interested in various topics. It’s still the most popular channel for influencer marketing, offering easy ways to track campaign results.

What is the difference to an agency?

Compared to an influencer marketing agency we operate data-based and with automation. We automatise manual steps from the influencer marketing process, leaving more time for strategic campaign planning.  This will also enable us to offer our services more cost-efficiently than agencies. 

How much does INFLURY cost?

We have a transparent pricing model. We operate on a CPM basis, meaning that you pay for how many individuals you’ll reach through our campaigns. In addition you can also purchase additional services.

Do you offer reporting?

Every customer gets access to a personal reporting dashboard in our platform. Through it you can follow the campaign results in real-time, analyse them and also contact your personal Account Manager. 

Grow your business with Instagram micro-influencer marketing