Get campaign proposals automatically

Get campaign proposals automatically

Join our movement and get automatic campaign proposals from brands worldwide. No need to apply to campaigns.

Join our movement and get automatic campaign proposals from brands worldwide. No need to apply to campaigns.

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How it works for you

1. Connect Socials

Just connect your social media channels. Don’t worry, we don’t spy data from you and don’t have access to your account. We only use available public data.

2. Choose Price

Choose your asking price according to your social media channel. We will provide you with a suggestion but you can choose the price your own.

3. Get Proposals

Get real proposals from brands worldwide that want to work with you or suggestions from our software based on your channel and target audience.

4. Run campaigns

If campaigns get accepted, you will be provided with a full briefing and have the possibility to communicate with the brand directly through our messenger.

Make more money today

We make collaborations between content creators and brands easier than ever. Our software will find collaborations automatically and send you proposals from brands worldwide.

Get proposals for campaigns

Get campaign requests from brands directly

You won’t be in a public database

Only accept campaigns you’re interested

Make more money today

A platform made for influencers

Manage campaigns with one click

Non binding subscription

Keep your information private

Easy Content Review

In-app messaging

Quick and easy-to-use interface

Campaign workflows are easy


Accept campaign proposals

You have full control over your data and collaborations. Accept campaigns from brands you love in just one click. By using our automatic processes, you can say goodbye to the countless emails and phone calls. You will receive all the information in a clear, structured way.

Accept campaign proposals


Upload content for review

Once the brand confirms too, you can upload your content directly to your Influry account so the company can review it. All it takes is just one step. If you have any questions you can use the in-app messaging feature to directly interact with the company.

Upload content for review


Publish content and get paid

After publishing the content, your agreed fee will be available in your Influry account. You can easily request a payout by choosing SEPA bank transfer or PayPal. You will always get 100% of the agreed fee without deductions.

Publish content and get paid
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Do you have any questions?

Why would I join an influencers’ network?

Given all the hard work that gets put into creating the content and achieving sustainable follower growth, we only think it is fair that you get paid what you deserve. We want to simplify the collaboration process for you so you can focus on what’s essential, namely the content itself.

How do I get started?

First, sign up at Influry and connect all your social media channels. Then, you will be able to receive campaigns that interest you and your audience.

What kind of campaigns can I take part in?

You will only take part in campaigns that match you and your content.We value sincerity and authenticity, hence why you will receive proposals from brands and companies we believe you can work well with. 

How do I get access to campaigns?

When we find a campaign for which we believe you would be a great match, you will receive an email inviting you to check the campaign directly from your Influry account.

How much will I get paid?

Payment will depend on many factors such as the social media platform, your follower size, your engagement rate, your target audience, …. We strive to offer the best prices, so both the company and the influencer can benefit from the collaboration.

Can I delete my account whenever I want?

You signing up to Influry comes with no obligation whatsoever. That means that you are not bound to us and can delete your account whenever you want.