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Influencer Target Audience and Performance Analysis

With our monitoring tool you get detailed analysis of each influencer worldwide. In addition to statistics on performance and historical data you also receive non-public demographic, geographic and socio graphic data of the Influencers followers.


Influry Influencer Monitoring Features

Performance Tracking

Get detailed indicators on the performance and track the activites of the influencers. Understand what influence the influencer really has.

Target Audience Analytics

We provide you with reliable information on the demographical , geographical and socio graphical data of the followers of the influencer.

Identify Collaborations

Identify the collaborations and campaigns of influencers. This allows you to keep an eye on their activities and to identify potentials.

Detaillierte Einblicke in die Taget Audience aller Influencer weltweit

In order to maximize your Influencer campaign´s impact, it´s important to determine success indicators and make data-based decisions. We provide detailed reporting on the Target Audience from Influencers worldwide.

Detaillierte Einblicke in die Taget Audience aller Influencer weltweit

Influencer Account Tracking

Track anayltics and the influence

Our monitoring automatically analyzes all posts of the Influencers and determines the interaction rate, average likes and comments, how many posts are sponsored and other performance indicators. Understand by analyzing what impact the influencer really has.

Influencer Account Tracking
Historical Data

Historical Data

Keep an eye on the Influencer

Analyze the historical data of activities and follower growth of the Influencer. This allows you to quickly identify trends and ensure a natural growth of Influencers.

Historical Data


Branded Content

In addition to the campaigns of the Influencer, you will also see the content that contains links and mentions of brands.

Earned Media Value

The Earned Media Value indicates how much a post of the Influencer is worth in comparison to current online advertising.

Historical Data


Through our intelligent data processing we can determine the anticipated impressions and reach of the Influencer.

Hashtags & Tags

Discover the most frequently used hashtags and tags of Influencers. Learn more on the content strategy from the Influencer and identify unnatural interactions

Monitoring Plans

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Perfect for beginners managing small-scale Influencer campaigns

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For teams and businesses with professional Influencer campaigns

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Extended capacities for businesses handling big-scale Influencer campaigns

Analyze 50 Influencer Accounts Analyze 100 Influencer Accounts Analyze 300 Influencer Accounts
Performance Tracking Performance Tracking Performance Tracking
Target Audience Analytics Target Audience Analytics Target Audience Analytics
Historical Data Extended Historical Data Extended Historical Data
Branded Content Analysis Branded Content Analysis
Earned Media Value Earned Media Value
Impressions Impressions
Team Access Team Access
Real-Time Updates

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