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Influencer Booking Platform

Create, book and analyze Influencer campaigns automatically

Book Product Placements and work with Influencer on Social Media. Our Influencer Booking Platform grants you access to almost every Influencer worldwide and enables you to manage your campaign automatically.


Influry Influencer Booking Platform Features

Book Influencers worldwide

Our Algorithm identifies the best Influencers for your brand and campaign. Your campaign is offered immediately with your CPM bid to the Influencer and you can choose the Influencer you want to work with.

Target Audience

Only work with Influencer within your Target Audience. You will get access to their demographical, geographical and socio graphical data.

Automated Reporting

Measure the results and impact of your campaigns, by analyzing each Influencer Placement. Our reporting includes Impressions, Reach, Interactions and other KPIs

Professional Campaign Creation

Erstelle skalierbare Kampagnen im Handumdrehen

With our Self-Serving Campaign Manager, you define the advertising format, target group, briefing and price strategy for your campaign with just a few clicks. Our algorithm identifies the appropriate Influencer for your campaign in our network and database.

Professional Campaign Creation
Choose the best Influencers

Choose the best Influencers

Compare Influencers with KPIs and book the best with 1-Click

Receive Influencer proposals that our algorithm has determined and which are interested in your campaign. With the detailed information on each Influencer, such as performance analytics, target audience, past campaigns and historical data you can compare the Influencers. You only get charged once you book an Influencer.

Choose the best Influencers

Review the content before it‘s published

Easy content review and In-App messaging with Influencers

Maintain full control over your branding and review the content of Influencers before it’s published. Give immediate feedback and request change by commenting and In-App messaging with Influencers.

Review the content before it‘s published

Extended possibilites for data-driven marketing decisions

Pay the best price

When you create your campaign, we suggest the current market price for your chosen advertising format and target group. Determine the best CPM bid for your campaign.

Performance Tracking

Get detailed indicators on the performance of the Influencers. Thus you can determine the value of an influencer and make data-driven decisions for your collaborations.

1-Click Booking

Book influencer immediately without negotiations and waiting times. All the influencers we suggest, you can book with just 1-Click and you can pay straightforward via Influry.


No Fake Followers

Each Influencer is subject to a double quality control, which checks the historical course of its growth and checks the Follower Quality Score.

Historical Data

We provide you with historical data about every Influencer’s performance, which gives you a clear picture of the reach and activites of the Influencer.

Identify Placements

With our intelligent technologies you can identify previous brand partnerships from the Influencer, to understand with wich brands the Influencer has collaborated in the past.

Influencer Booking Platform Plans

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Perfect for beginners managing small-scale Influencer campaigns

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/ Month

For teams and businesses with professional Influencer campaigns

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/ Month

Extended capacities for businesses handling big-scale Influencer campaigns

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