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Influencer Relations Management

Smart Relationship Management for your Influencer Network

With Relations you can manage and handle your entire Infleuncer Database and collaborate in an more efficient way with your Influencers. We provide you with an overview and detailed analytics for each Influencer. Add ratings, notes and tags to the Influencer, to automate your own workflows.


Influry Influencer Relations Features

Manage Influencer Contacts

Manage your Influencer Database in one place. Your Influencer Network contains the Influencer you book through Influry Platform and your own database.

Handle Collaborations

Book your own Influencer through Influry with our easy and smart campaign tools. For your own Influencer you can agree own individual payment terms with the Influencer.

Analytics for your Influencers

Analyze your network with Relations and keep track of your Influencer activities. You grant access to analytics for each Influencer. Add your Influencer to Influry Monitoring for even more data.

Historical Data

Campaign Overview

Discover marketing potential by tracking the campaigns you have run with the Influencers. You will get an overview with each campaign and collaboration you did with an Influencer.

Notes, Ratings & Tags

With individual Notes, Ratings and Tags you have the full picture of your Influencers. Our smart technologies help you to improve your relationship with the Influencer.

Your Data is safe

Your data is always safe and the information you add to your Influencers are only visible to your team.

Historical Data

Request Relations For Your Team

Please contact us for more information on using Influencer Relations.

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