In the online social media sphere, you usually encounter two types of people: celebrities, or macro influencers, who maintain their relationship with their fans via social media, and smaller accounts that are still followed and loved by a niche group of people. The latter is also called Micro-Influencers, meaning influencers that have between 10.000 and 100.000 followers on their social media accounts. Micro-Influencers have become the go-to when launching an influencer marketing campaign, as they offer a lot of benefits that will help increase your influencer marketing ROI. Below are 11 reasons why you too should turn to Micro-Influencers.

Graph about the advantages of Micro Influencers


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1. They target a niche group of people and are highly knowledgeable

Micro-Influencers differentiate themselves with niche topics they are interested in. Therefore, they are recognized for their knowledge and influence in some particular field. As a result, micro influencers cover a wide range of topics, from yoga, to tech or even vegan recipes for kids.

Vegan for kids instagram page

© veganforkids

superscientific instagram page

© superscientific

millamonteiro instagram page

© millamonteiro

As we can see here, there is an Influencer for everything and for everyone, who targets people from any combination of age, gender, occupation and interests.

This is an advantage since when you have a large following, it is difficult to think of content for everyone. Here, Micro-Influencers create content for a homogeneous group of followers and know exactly what to do to keep them engaged.

2. They have an audience that is more engaged and loyal

Although they do not have as many followers as bigger names and celebrities out there, they have a very active relationship with their followers. Indeed, niche groups are more vocal and interested in what the Micro-Influencer has to say. This can be shown in their engagement rate, which is significantly higher. Let’s compare the 3 Micro-Influencers mentioned above with three Macro-Influencers influencers posting content in the same field.

  • Kids recipes
Engagement rate Samantha Lee from the influry website

© leesamantha analytics on the INFLURY Influencer Marketing Software (macro influencer)

Engagement rate Vegan for Kids from the influry website

© veganforkids analytics on the INFLURY Influencer Marketing Software (Micro-Influencer)

  • Yoga
Engagement rate amandabisk from the influry website

© amandabisk analytics on the INFLURY Influencer Marketing Software (Macro-influencer)

Engagement rate millamonteiro from the influry website

 © millamonteiro analytics on the INFLURY Influencer Marketing Software (Micro-Influencer)

  • Tech
Engagement rate tech crunch from the influry website

© techcrunch analytics on the INFLURY Influencer Marketing Software (Macro-influencer)

Engagement rate superscientific from the influry website

© superscientific analytics on the INFLURY Influencer Marketing Software (Micro-Influencer)

Since they genuinely share their passions online, their sincerity attracts people with similar interests, resulting in more people interacting with the content. These people are then more likely to act upon the influencer’s suggestions. Having a feeling that you know the influencer on a personal level, through their authenticity and interactions with their audience, makes it easier for them to have product placements, since they benefit from a strong feeling of trust from their followers.

3. Their followers see them as more authentic

It is pretty clear now that Micro-Influencers are not followed because they are known and famous but because they offer a genuine experience. Their opinions deliver a high degree of credibility and trust, similar to the ones from friends & family.

Followers see Micro-Influencers as the same person as they are. Therefore, an ad-driven by aMicro-Influencer has more chances of being trusted, and more accepted, than an ad coming from a celebrity. Indeed, if influencers like a product there is a high chance that their followers will be interested in it as well.

© paulinakurka

Remember that digital consumers can sense when a collaboration feels forced and unauthentic. Using Micro-Influencers is then a huge advantage since they have a sense of realness to them.

4. They are more effective

A result of a more engaged following base, their paid marketing actions are more effective. Indeed, Micro-Influencers enable you to be more specific regarding campaign goals, messages and target audiences. Micro influencers have been the go-to people for brands to increase their awareness, their ROI as well as their market penetration and sales.

To give you some numeral facts, Micro-Influencers drive 60% more engagement than other social media tactics out there. That is because if somebody sees a recommendation from a Micro-Influencer and they feel it could benefit them, they are likely to enter the company’s sales funnel as a reasonably committed lead.

They also are 6.7 times more cost efficient per engagement. Because you target a very specific segment of the population, one that you are sure will be interested since they share similar interests, you can scale more efficiently your influencer marketing campaigns.

Another advantage that makes them very interesting to work with is that you can use influencers to geographically target people. Indeed, celebrities and macro influencers have followers from all over the world, whereas a Micro-Influencer’s following base is more geographically condensed. If your brand only ships in Western Europe, it will then be easier for you to target people from this area specifically through Micro-Influencers.

5. They are more approachable

Micro-Influencers work with brands they already know and like. As a result, they are easier to engage with when you present them interesting products that can benefit them. Indeed, they are usually happy to work with a brand that they think is relevant to them and their audience.

© superscientific

Nowadays, numbers still rule social media marketing. That is why accounts with a huge number of followers are still the most sought out people on the internet. They receive countless of proposals a day, and can of course never answer all of them. By going for Micro-Influencers, you go against less competition, and so for several reasons. As we said before, they are highly knowledgeable on one topic, and therefore do not suit all product placements. Also, Micro-Influencers, because of their smaller followings, are often overlooked by some brands, enabling you to stand out.

While big names handle their partnerships through agencies and talent managers, Micro-Influencers directly talk with the company. As a result, it is easier for you to create a personal relationship with the person. They will be grateful for the opportunity to work with a brand that values their work and opinions, so make sure to listen to their recommendations and ideas.

6. They drive social buzz

If you want to increase your brand awareness efficiently, then you should seriously think of working with Micro-Influencers. If you want to reach out to a million people, you have two possibilities: ask an influencer with 1 million followers, or ask 20 influencers with 50.000 followers each. The latter will bring you more exposure, more content created specifically for your target group, and engagement from people willing to buy your products.

This is the approach the brand KEOKEO took, by asking Micro-Influencers worldwide to share their experience using the products and promoting their posts on their own company Instagram account. The influencers are all about natural skin care and beauty, which aligns perfectly with the brand’s values.

© letthemeatcottoncandy

The fact that the engagement-rate of Micro-Influencers is on average 22 times higher than on bigger accounts (Macro-Influencer) also enhances social buzz. Indeed, conversing with their followers drives word of mouth and referrals.  

If you think that working with 20 influencers is a lot of work, you can turn towards Influencer Marketing Software for help. Our INFLURY software helps you manage your influencer marketing campaigns efficiently and at scale. Engage and manage influencers worldwide and keep track of all the relevant analytics to measure campaigns efficiency.  

7. They are a better option for multi-channel marketing campaigns

It has been proven that for a message to be remembered, it has to repeat many times. With Micro-Influencers, companies are able to spread their influencer marketing budget over time to prepare numerous content that is more likely to stay in the prospect’s mind. There is also the possibility to combine this with cross-channel campaigns. For instance, a company can ask an influencer to promote a product both on their Instagram and on their blog.

This is something the influencer Renée, also known as gothamista did in collaboration with Shu Emura, where she both advertised the product on her Instagram as well as on her youtube channel, during one of her “How I Build My Skincare Routine | 2018” video.

Excerpt from the How I Build My Skincare Routine | 2018 youtube video showing the Shu Emura product placement

© gothamista

© gothamista

By using a group of Micro-Influencers, brands can reach a large collective following often across a broader range of channels. They exist in greater number than macro influencers and celebrities and are then able to scale campaigns on multiple social media channels in order to increase brand awareness.

8. They are perfect for long-term relationships & campaigns

We mentioned before that influencers care about keeping their followers’ trust. Therefore, they carefully select the brands they choose to work with. They tend to favour brands with which they have an existing brand relationship. You can easily check this through purchase history and positive mentions of the brand. If you are a brand they already know and personal use, it will be easier for you to engage with them and keep them interested in the long run.

You can also think of it as an investment. Influencers will definitely remember the brands that trusted them enough with a campaign at the beginning of their career. As they grow bigger and bigger, they will tend to collaborate with you more than competitors.

This is why you should not hesitate to reach out to the same influencer when dealing with ongoing campaigns. This will build up trust in your brand and the influencer will become an invested brand ambassador for your business.

9. They have a carefully crafted content

Micro influencers spend a lot of time building their online presence and perfecting their content to create a community as invested in the subject as they are. Compared to macro influencers, they have more time to put into their craft and make it their own instead of ready-made posts and guidelines. They know what their audience likes to see and can easily adapt their communication to fit their expectations. This can be shown in their caption, where they tie the product to their personal stories and experiences.

Unlike mega-influencers who may simply tag a brand for a product placement, they spend hours curating the perfect Instagram post: styling the elements of the photo, choosing the best filter, writing the right caption and including all of the relevant hashtags.

10. They fit well with your budget

The success of an influencer marketing campaign goes by how much you are ready to invest in it. As influencer marketing budgets are getting bigger and bigger for companies, learning how to scale your budget is key for optimizing your influencer marketing ROI. Micro-Influencers help you do just that. Indeed, they can split the risk of spending all of your marketing budgets on one big influencer, with little knowledge on the results.

Micro-Influencers are also cheaper. Because most of them have a main profession and keep their online activities on the side as a hobby, they request lower costs. You can also negotiate to “pay” Micro-Influencers with something else than money. Most Micro-Influencers accept to review your product if you send it to them for free or share discount codes for instance.

11. They do less placements

This final point ties to authenticity. As we said, what Micro-Influencers care the most about is their followers’ trust. They want to keep their interests up, and will carefully think before agreeing to any cooperation. Having a carefully created niche content also naturally means they come across fewer opportunities for product placements. This data can be compared via the placement rate, with compares advertisements in regards to the numbers of posts an influencer made. Here are a few examples comparing macro and Micro-Influencers in the Fashion and in the Beauty fields.

  • Fashion
Placement rate Diana koenig from the influry website

© diana_koenig analytics on the INFLURY Influencer Marketing Software (Macro-Influencer)

Placement rate olesjaswelt from the influry website

© olesjaswelt analytics on the INFLURY Influencer Marketing Software (Micro-Influencer)

  • Beauty
Placement rate Tanja Cruz from the influry website

© tanja_cruz analytics on the INFLURY Influencer Marketing Software (Macro-Influencer)

Placement rate sandra moryson from the influry website

© sandramoryson analytics on the INFLURY Influencer Marketing Software (Micro-Influencer)

Placement rates are a touchy subject for influencers because if it is too high, they will lose their followers trust, who will think that the placement is only motivated by financial gain. Advertising on the internet has always brought debate, and with the audience becoming more and more aware of such practices, it has become extremely important to show a natural and genuine paid placement. As a result, both influencers and companies grant importance to brand fit and brand representation. Indeed, if a brand image matches well with the influencer, the product placement will bring added value to both parties, because it feels genuine.

Micro-Influencers offer a range of benefits that clearly sets them apart from their celebrities counterparts. As a result, they have been receiving more and more interest from brands. However, it would be absurd to think that engaging with micro influencers is an easy task, as they present their own set of challenges. The key when dealing with micro influencers is to create a strong partnership, set to last on the long run. With their engaged followers and carefully curated content, micro influencers will definitely help you increase your influencer marketing ROI.

Learn how our client Ebay reached over 200% ROI with micro-influencer marketing

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