The 11 beauty brands your brand should take example on for your influencer marketing strategy

Instagram has become the new platform for beauty brands to connect with their audience. It no secret that nowadays beauty and fashion magazines hold less influence than the aforementioned social media platform, and brands are very well aware of that fact. Indeed, 96% of beauty brands are now on instagram. Their presence brings visibility and a stronger connection with their fans and brand ambassadors. Read more

Everything you need to know about IGTV (Longer videos on Instagram)

News just came out : Instagram launched its new app IGTV, for long-form videos. “Youtube’s new contender”, “an enhanced Boomerang”, IGTV has been dubbed many things though its still relatively new existence. Announced on Wednesday at an event in San Francisco, the app that gathers 1 billion active users a month decided to take a new step in supporting online creators.

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11 ways Micro-Influencers will increase your influencer marketing ROI

In the online social media sphere, you usually encounter two types of people: celebrities, or macro influencers, who maintain their relationship with their fans via social media, and smaller accounts that are still followed and loved by a niche group of people. The latter is also called Micro-Influencers, meaning influencers that have between 10.000 and 100.000 followers on their social media accounts. Micro-Influencers have become the go-to when launching an influencer marketing campaign, as they offer a lot of benefits that will help increase your influencer marketing ROI. Below are 11 reasons why you too should turn to Micro-Influencers.

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How Retargeting can increase your ROI

Even without knowing what retargeting is, you already experienced it. Remember when you were casually looking through the internet for something to buy. You maybe even added a few things in your cart, but for some reason didn’t go through with the purchase. The following hours, you see ads on all the websites you visit promoting the very same products you were gushing about. This is what retargeting is all about.

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Authenticity and Influencer Relationship Management: what creative freedom should you leave to the influencer?

Experience and authenticity are the number one thing customers are looking for. As a result, they tend to turn more and more towards influencers to hear about their opinion on a product. Through their original content and unique personality, these influencers have achieved to gain the trust of thousands of people.

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What not to put in your Instagram caption: Instagram Banned Hashtags

Hashtags are as much part of experiencing Instagram as beautiful pictures. Basically, they help put emphasis on certain words and categorise certain posts. They can also help in making the account known to the rest of the community and are therefore important for an influencer.

In order to assure all its users have an enjoyable and safe experience, Instagram has a list of banned hashtags. Using them could result on the account getting blocked or restricted. Before using a new hashtag, you should therefore make sure that they have not been banned (even if only temporarily) by the platform. Read more

Influencer communication and Influencer Relationship Management – Between private chat and negotiation talk

You can also read the German version of this article here.

Communicating efficiently with an influencer in inherent to a good Influencer Relationship Management. Influencers, as we know, are private individuals, sharing content from their daily lives on different social media platforms. At the same time, Influencer Marketing uses this private activity for commercial purposes, benefiting companies.  Read more

Werbekennzeichnung auf Instagram – Über das böse “W-Wort”

Während Influencer Marketing jeden Tag mehr an Bedeutung gewinnt und sich Kooperationen mit Influencern auf Instagram kaum noch zählen lassen, herrscht im Bereich der rechtlichen Bestimmungen zur richtigen Kennzeichnung, solcher Beiträge, noch große Unklarheit.

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