With the increasing success of social networks, we start to see the rise of many new marketing opportunities. The role of people within those platforms who have a high reach, also better known as “influencers”, is now more important than ever.

But what makes an influencer? How can you succeed on Instagram and share your own opinion the same way?

We want to understand that issue on a deeper level, and as a result asked some successful Instagram users! Today we talk to Charlotte.

Charlotte Nikitopoulos

Instagram: charlotteslookbook

Charlotte is a Greek-based influencer who shares her love of fashion on instagram. The Fashion and Textile design graduate has now over 140.000 followers on her social media. Her creative and colourful photos have captivated a wide audience who loves her fresh and fun personality.

Why did you originally sign up on Instagram?
Charlotte: I signed up to for three reasons i.e. to keep up to date and in contact with family and friends across the world, to follow and learn from my fashion icons and expand my own circle of influence where fashion is concerned.

How often do you check your account?
C: If you mean weekly, I check it every day. If you mean per day, I check it at least twice a day i.e. morning and night. If I have some free time during the day, then I will pop in to see what is happening on my account.

What are your 3 favorite Instagram Influencers?
C: Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Fabmusealina

If someone is new to Instagram, how does she/he finds the right username? Artist name vs. real name.
C: If the person has been blogging before signing up to IG, then I would suggest that they try and carry through the name of their blog to their IG account. If this is someone starting from scratch, try and choose a name that people would be able to identify with you solely. Do not copy a particular brand that you love and use a portion in your username. That limits you to who you can collaborate with.

How did you feel when you reached your first 1,000 followers? Did you ever think you would make it this far?
C: I was ecstatic with even my first 100 followers. Each and every new follower is appreciated and makes me realise that I am doing something right to be amassing the following that I have. I cannot say that I never thought that I would make it this far, I just didn’t realize how demanding, tiring and difficult it would be. But this whole journey has been a labour of love for me and each trial and tribulation has taught me something and I am truly grateful for being a much stronger, more independent woman through all that I have gone through to get where I am.

Is being an influencer a full-time job or is it more of a hobby for you?
C: It is a full-time passion! “Do something that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” No truer words were ever uttered. I love what I do and I am fulfilled because of all the challenges that I face and the rewards that come along with doing this efficiently and professionally.

Do you think that influencers and their potential are underrated?
C: Absolutely. I have to be fair and say that they are more widely recognized than when I started out. However, there is still room for improvement. As an influencer, it isn’t just about advertising the products for different brands, it is about directing the content that we have created. Most influencers are highly educated people and are often seen to be “nothing but a pretty face”

Imagine if you did not have access to your account for a week: what impact would it have on your life and what would change in your daily routine?
C: I don’t need to imagine this. It really happened to me. It taught me to realise that I have other resources and outlets available to me too, to showcase my love and passion for all things fashion. I became more vigilant and protective of my social media presence. As for my daily routine, it affected my ability to post for a while but it taught me to be resilient and always have a back up plan.

Who is taking your pictures? Friends or photographers? How long does it take you to publish your content?
C: Currently I have a photographer taking my pictures but when I started, I had friends taking my pictures for me. I always try to publish to IG within a day of having received the completed pictures. I follow on from that with a full story on my blog a day or two later (for the latest)

Which apps do you use to edit your pictures?
C: In the past I’ve used VSCO preset. Currenty I’m working with a photographer.

How many proposals do you receive from companies per month?
C: About 25

What were your favorite collaboration with a brand?
C: ID Peters London!!! I love what their brand and products represent. It has been a great honour to collaborate with them consistently and to be chosen as their brand ambassador. And then of course, WE were featured in GQ UK fairly recently – that is a feather in both our caps!

Which brands have you always wanted to work with?

What tips would you give to Instagramers who would like to become influencers?
C: Never give up! It takes time to reach any level of success. See this as your own business – you would put in more hours to make it a success if it was your own company.

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