Here are the most exciting news in the Influencer marketing industry for this week. We cover news articles and blog posts from 28th of June until 3rd July.

How does Instagram’s IGTV work for marketers?

Last week we announced the launch of IGTV, Instagram’s new platform for longer videos. We know can analyse a bit further and try to see what will be the advantages for marketers, influencers and brands. More about Socialbakers’ Yuval Ben-Itzhak’s insights here.

Adidas Originals Surprised Influencers With Personalized Billboards for the Drop of a New Shoe

Adidas Originals logo in white on a pink background

Adidas took influencer outreach to a new level with these personalised billboards leading to a new shoe launch. These billboards can be found in New York and in Los Angeles. You can read more about the ambitious campaign here.

Marketers debate whether Twitter’s new user policy will stop influencer fraud

Twitter now requires new users to verify an email address or a phone number. This should help preventing spam accounts. While some people welcome the news with great joy for ensuring authenticity on the platform, some other regret that it is still too little. More about it here.

Watch the trailer for the show behind the influencer-only mural

Turns out that the mural we talked about last week, the one reserved for verified influencers only, was a marketing stunt to advertise a new show. You can now the trailer for “Like and Subscribe” here.

How Influencer Marketers Benefit From Cloud Based AI

Marketers are using cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to process data being generated by consumers, influencers and brands to reach their target audiences. This results in a time saving process that targets consumers more intelligently. You can read more about it here.

Popsugar sued for using influencer imagery

LA-based influencer Nita Batra sued popsugar, who claims that the site site has used her images as part of a “massive infringement” scheme. Allegedly, the brand “decided to capitalize on the influencers’ social media following by copying and posting thousands of influencers’ Instagram images [and their bio info] on its own website without authorization.” Batra has sued for over $5 million. More about it here.


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