Here are the most exciting news in the Influencer marketing industry for this week. We cover news articles and blog posts from the 3rd until the 10th July.

How Orchestras Can Use Influencer Marketing

This article delves into why orchestras should use influencer marketing strategically to boost their ticket sales. A very interesting insight on an industry we might not think of when it comes to Influencer Marketing. More about it here.

picture of an orchestra taken from the scene

The innovative new influencer concept that’s going global

Somewear Elsewhere has joined both influencers traveling the world and brands interested in promoting their dreamilke destinations to an audience online. In this article, you can read more about the beginning of this company.

Telekom Romania disrupts influencer marketing to burst the ‘filter bubble’

Telekom Romania, came up with an innovative campaign called ‘Vloggers’ Swap’. The campaign centers on “swapping” places of popular vloggers whose content, perspective, and opinions are opposed to their own. More about the reasons behind such a campaign here.

To retain subscribers, Crunchyroll looks past performance marketing

With the second season of “Anime Crimes Division,” a branded content series that Crunchyroll is distributing on YouTube, the company aims at improving their engagement. In this way, Crunchyroll has shifted its marketing approach with an eye toward retaining its 40 million-plus registered users, instead of searching for more to subscribe. Read the whole article here.

computer playing a movie in a christmas-themed display

The wild west of influencer-dom : Will social media stars continue to rise?

With influencer marketing becoming a full-fledged industry and all the drawbacks it can bring, the independent has come up with a cohesive article that explains the problematics Influencer Marketing has now to face. More about it here.

Consumers more interested in social hashtags over brand handles

Understanding how customers talk about them on social is key to a better customer experience, as well as improve consumer loyalty. It turns out that consumer feedback tends to happen by use of hashtag, and not brand mentions. More about it, and other insights on consumer relations, here.


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