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E.L.F. Cosmetics Is Giving Back To Animals In A Big Way This Month

Makeups brands getting involved into raising awareness for diverse causes is nothing new. The vegan brand E.l.f is taking a step in this direction by teaming up with five equally passionate influencers who will use their platforms to spread awareness. More about this ethical decision here.

flatlay of makeup brushes dipped into various glittery products


What 10 Social Media Professionals Say Should Be Your Top Priority Right Now

With little surprise, 10 social media professionals have expressed that Influencer Marketing should become a priority for brands. They are more than ever a strategic asset to make sure to stay ahead of the curve in the next years! More about their thoughts here.

Social Influencer Pays for College Tuition with Triller Videos

Triller is an AI-powered music video app that allows users to create professional-looking videos and monetize their content in a matter of seconds. With this tool, French influencer was able to achieve her goal to pay her first year of college tuition. This tool is set to become another tool for influencers to express themselves. You can check more about the company here.

This Influencer Was Attacked by a Shark While Chasing the Perfect Gram

To what length are you ready to go for to take the best Instagram shot? This 19-year-old influencer definitely went to great length, and put her safety at risk, by swimming to a school of sharks thinking it was safe. However, one of the sea creature suddenly chomped down on her left arm and yanked her underwater. Thankfully, the young girl is fine and got her wounds tended quickly by the local hospital. More about this unfortunate story here.

woman on an inflatable boat on the sea over a school of swimming sharks

Importance of Influencer Marketing to Small Businesses

Without the right tools and experience, small businesses face an uphill task of marketing their products. If care is not taken, they could end up spending a large amount of money without any reasonable returns. Which is why Influencer marketing might be the best way for them to promote their business online, especially with the help of micro influencers. You can read more about the article’s insights here.


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