Spring is here and INFLURY has cleaned off ready for summer. This months issue will delve into the rise of podcasts, changes to the software and website and our exciting new partner LALALAB.

Good News Berlin Style

Welcome, I want to start off by saying that this will be the first of our Newsletters.  I am planning to produce one of these every month with the intention of keeping you up-to-date on INFLURY’s activities. I will be creating brand profiles for our partners, showcasing the wonderful brands we are collaborating with. It is also the perfect format for us to notify of changes and developments in Influencer trends and Instagram. I will also detail changes to Influry accompanied my an email to our Influencers,  including upcoming brand opportunities. If the need is there, we will also produce In-depth articles on certain topics we feel deserve it. With that, let’s move on to the INFLURY news.

INFLURY: Updates and News

Has anyone noticed a change in the air? Summer is officially on its way and INFLURY has undertaken a spring clean. With the new software update now functional we are ready to start using it to its maximum. More changes will be made, but at this point, the software is doing its job. There may be changes to the UI in the future, guaranteeing ease of use. Now it was time to turn our attention to the website.  

The website content has been going through numerous drafts, rewrites and changes for months now.  At the beginning of this month however, we were finally satisfied with the content, it was now a matter of design.  The good news is that the design is being created as we speak. We are trying to create two websites in one, with the Advertiser and Influencer sections bringing their own unique “personality”.   When the new site is live, we will certainly notify you all so you can have a look around.

For now though check out our current website: https://influry.com/

Podcasts, A Growing Medium

Online Influencers are often creating and popularising trends on social media. The latest of these trends is the growing number of podcasts. Many Micro-influencers on Instagram also have successful podcasts to accompany their accounts, while successful podcasts also have Instagram accounts. The interconnectivity of these different platforms is a trend that cannot be underestimated.  But podcasts have been around for a while, so why this recent explosion in numbers? Is it simply a passing fad? Or could it be the start of another burgeoning online media Industry?

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is simply a person or group of people talking on a subject, made available as an audio file. How long you ask? How long is a piece of string? Podcasts range from 5-minute bite-size chunks and 20-minute commuter friendly chats all the way to 1 or 2-hour lengthy dissections of situations. The diverse range allows for several applications for various genres and formats each one with its own unique appeal to audiences and by extension, advertisers.

But what is behind the appeal to podcasts? Why have their numbers exploded?  The ability to create a podcast relies on some basic recording equipment (microphones, audio editing software), a room and someone to speak on it.  With the availability of this technology and the affordable price, podcasts have become a great way for aspiring influencers and creators as well as attracting those who made a name on other sites and platforms.

YouTube and Instagram, to mainstream news outlets, influential creators are turning to podcasts, often using them in addition to their existing formats.  Combine this with large mainstream formats facilitating the postings of podcasts for easy consumer access and the growth of podcasts numbers makes a great deal of sense. Applications like iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify have created a vast network of podcasts in huge numbers. Apple recently announced that it will soon split iTunes between podcasts, movies and music into separate applications. This highlights consumer demand for podcasts.

The Variety of Podcasts

In terms of content, podcasts have one of the greatest varieties of genres across online formats. Many creators simply talk about their daily lives, with a group of friends telling stories, others have created book clubs, interviews with public figures, comedy shows, politics, economics, celebrity gossip, the list goes on. This has made podcasts one of the most engaging content forms currently available. Consumers pick a podcast that they think they would like and many people listening to the end. Podcasts can be in small 20 minute segments but many.  For advertisers, this provides the perfect location for targeted digital marketing.

Brand support of podcasts has increased alongside their popularity. What makes them so desirable is that the adverts are read out by the podcasters themselves. For an hour podcast, there might be around 4 minutes of advertising space, considerably lower than that of TV and youtube. However almost all listeners will consume a full advertisement, and with the small amount of time dedicated to advertisements, the adverts themselves provide a more powerful message.  

The downsides to podcasts, well the price. Podcast CPM is often, by some estimates to be around $30, much higher than your average Instagram CPM. Obviously, this price varies, but the engagement of podcasts is reflected in the high price. However, podcasts do not have the same audience numbers seen on Instagram, and for this reason, the quality of podcasts advertisements is often dwarfed by the scope of Instagram.

LALALAB- Brand Profile

Social Media and smartphones have made the process of showcasing our photographic lives, to family and friends simple and easy.  With Facebook alone containing around 350 billion photographs across its lifetime. But what have we lost for all this has created?  The tangible side of photography has seen a rapid decline with the rise of the digital, and the lack of physical evidence of our lives can often seem dawning and superficial. However, INFLURYS latest partner is here to change that. Step forth LALALAB.

LALALAB, originally called Polagram, was created in 2012 by 3 friends with the goal of printing photos from social media while keeping things simple. Printing photos for customers in over 75 countries around the world, they have certainly kept printed photos a desirable and simple addition to our photographic lives. With products ranging from large calendars to photo strips straight out of a booth, LaLaLab is the new way to create physical photography affordable with a professional finish.  This has to lead them becoming the highest rated printing app in Europe and according to their website, printing enough photos to eclipse the Eiffel Tower every 11 days. Without a doubt, LALALAB is a perfect addition to anyone who desires photos the old fashioned way.

How does LALALAB work?

LALALAB works like any other smartphone application. Downloaded straight to your devices you can then access your photos across all social media and Cloud services, as well as pictures saved onto your smartphone.  Simply choose the images, pick the product you want those photo to be on and voila. With a generation of people all over the world taking pictures every day, most of us have more than enough content to choose from, displaying an online world, offline.

LALALAB have a variety of different products to choose from, have a look at their Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lalalab/?hl=en

INFLURY and LALALAB will soon be teaming up for the first time. Together we aim to reach 660 thousand followers per month across Germany. We are using their mini-vintage prints and photo strip products for the campaign, two products which perfectly capture LALALAB’s brand. We are extremely excited, and we hope to work with LALALAB, and we cannot wait to start posting content with our influencers. Find out more about LALALAB on their website https://www.lalalab.com/en

That’s all for this month. I look forward to writing more of these in the future, See you soon.