What is Programmatic Influencer Marketing?

Think of Programmatic Influencer Marketing as baking a cake. Simply follow the recipe, adding all the ingredients in the form of audience demographics, audience scope, timing, eggs, flour and what you want your influencers to post. Then pop that into the oven of INFLURY and when the cake is ready, you will have reached millions of potential customers through our influencers. Mhmm tasty! Now let us get technical.

Programmatic Influencer Marketing is the algorithmic purchase of sponsored posts in Social Media from Influencers within a specific audience automatically. Audiences can be segmented across demographics such as gender, age and interests, to geographics in certain countries, states or cities. By buying Influencer posts programmatically, you can decide the photo, caption and timing of your advertisement (sponsored post), without handling it manually. Programmatic Influencer Marketing assures to pay only for high performing and effective Influencer posts for the best prices, based on data-driven algorithms. Programmatic Influencer Marketing focuses on scalability and high outcome, rather than on individual selection of Influencers and publishers. This way you can run campaigns with a large number of Influencers, without being locked in long-term contracts with single Influencers.

How does Programmatic Influencer Marketing works?

Programmatic Influencer buying, marketing and advertising purchases posts from Influencers in Social Media (e.g., Instagram, YouTube, Facebook) without manual handling. Our Programmatic Influencer Marketing software identifies, books and optimize Influencer Marketing campaigns according to audience and performance automatically. Automating this process means that no manual handling is needed.

Programmatic Influencer Marketing allows the brand/advertiser to let Influencers produce content for a campaign based on specific criteria and a mood board. The selection of the brand/advertiser is analyzed by the software and is used to find fitting Influencers. Influencers then create the content which needs to match the brands/advertisers selection and is published by the Influencer. The software identifies the best time to publish the content, to ensure the content is receiving high performance. The selection of Influencers and scheduling of the posts is optimized automatically, by every new content published.

The Software uses million of data points to analyze the target audience of an Influencer. This methodology delivers far more precision than analyzing each Influencer manually. This way the brand/advertiser can run different A/B test to personalize their campaigns, which returns in a higher Return-On-Invest (ROI).

How is Programmatic Influencer Marketing different?

With Programmatic Influencer Marketing, brands and advertisers can advertise their products to millions of people with Influencers on Social media, optimize campaigns and scale their activities with no more work. Programmatic Influencer Marketing is about driving efficiencies in Influencer selection, execution and spend. The traditional method of Influencer Marketing includes research, request Influencers, quotes and human negotiation, whereas Programmatic Influencer Marketing offers programmatic buying of Influencers, using machines and algorithms to purchase sponsored posts in social media at scale. In the traditional method brands and advertisers can use tools to filter and analyze Influencers. However, This does not execute campaigns automatically. Influencer marketers have to negotiate and communicate with each Influencer.

Additionally, the product needs to be shipped to each Influencer and the content needs to be reviewed before it’s published. Tools can support brands and advertisers in their work and reduce the time spent on handling campaigns. However, campaigns can’t be scaled without a human touch, which results in higher costs and inefficiency.

Is Programmatic Influencer Marketing the future?

Programmatic Influencer Marketing offers clients, for the first time to scale their Influencer Marketing and efficiently integrate into their Marketing mix. Influencer Marketing is rapidly growing at outpacing traditional approaches to marketing. The fact that demand for Influencer tools is increasing, shows the need for scaling and automatic Influencer Marketing. Of course, single brands and advertisers will run some of their activities in-house, but as with any other online marketing solution, brands and advertisers will need a more efficient way that handles their Influencer Marketing at scale. While agencies and tools are offering individual approaches, supporting human touches and interactions, lower costs and higher efficiency, will undoubtedly turn to a fully automated solution.

How to get started?

You can get remarkable results from Programmatic Influencer Marketing easily. INFLURY offers the worldwide first solution of Programmatic Influencer Marketing. To get started you can schedule a free consultation call. In the next step, you will receive a unique content strategy, that you can discuss with one of our Influencer Marketing experts. INFLURY also offers the possibility to set up your campaign once and then use our automation and strategic meetings, to optimize your campaigns ongoingly. You can learn more about this here.

Get started with Programmatic Influencer Marketing today by scheduling a call here.

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