Have you created a rather large and engaged audience and are now looking for ways to get started as an micro-influencer on Instagram? You are showing your passion on social media and would now like to start making a living from that passion?

Getting started as a micro-influencer means that you need do start receiving campaign proposals from brands which fit nicely with your interests. But instead of waiting for brands to contact you here and there by chance, there is a more systematic way of getting those proposals.

Receive campaign proposals as an micro influencer with INFLURY

Receiving campaign proposals as an micro influencer is often hard work. If you are only just getting started, it means that you might not be contacted that often.

Or you might have already gained popularity as an Instagram influencer, but are looking for ways to collaborate with brands in a more systematic way.

We at INFLURY offer our clients an automatised way to do Influencer Marketing. At the same time we have our own platform for micro-influencers to join and get invitations to different brand collaborations.

Our Influencer Marketing experts will search for the influencers via our software. So by joining our micro-influencer platform you can easily receive interesting campaign proposals based on the fit between your profile and the client in question.

All the communications are handled conveniently from a single place. And we will always pay our micro-influencers! So you will not only receive the products but will also get paid for your efforts.

You can get started receiving campaign proposals as an influencer in just a few minutes! Below you can watch a video in detail about the few steps needed to set up your account with INFLURY:

Tutorial to receive campaign proposals as an Influencer on INFLURY

1. Create your account

In order to get started, you need to create a free account. Just sign-up here.

You can signup with your email address or with an Google account. You also need to provide your first name, last name and set up a password.

2. Confirm your email address

If you have created your account with your email address, you need to verify it in order to activate your account. We need to verify it in order to send you important emails such as campaign proposals and payments.

If you don’t receive an email from us after registration, please check your spam folder. Some email providers can be very strict, even if the emails are coming from a respectable source.

Remember: You can always change your E-mail notifications in your settings.

3. Connect & verify your Instagram Channel

In the next step you need to add your Instagram channel.

We don’t have access to your account and it is completely safe to add 
your Instagram channel. We only need to verify that you are the owner of the channel.

In order to confirm the Instagram channel, you need to copy-paste a code into your Instagram Bio and hit the “Verify” button. After that, you can delete the code.

4. Add your Shipping Address

The last step is to add an address to which we can send the products. This address will also be used for the payments. This is also a mandatory step as because of legal reasons we are only allowed to show you campaign proposals after you have added your address.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to register with us and get started as an micro-influencer on Instagram.

Don’t hesitate but sign up today! It is completely free and you have full control on which campaigns you participate. You will also get supported by our Influencer Marketing managers throughout the campaigns.