Employee interview: Influencer Marketing Intern

In our “Employee interview” series we want to show what working at INFLURY is like, and of course present our amazing employees!

The second post in the series will present Filipi, an Influencer Marketing Intern turned into a Junior Influencer Marketing Manager.

He started his three month internship during the fall 2019. As the three months drew closer there were no doubts in our minds. He had done such a great work in the campaign team that we were happy to promote him to a junior position.

At INFLURY we are always very happy to see our interns climbing the career latter with us!

In this article Filipi will share his experience as an INFLURY intern.

He will also give hints on other eager and enthusiastic individuals, who might be thinking about an influencer marketing internship!

What made you apply for INFLURY?

I finished my studies in Marketing in Brazil in December 2018 and moved to Germany right after. I was sure that an internship would be my best chance to start my career as I didn’t really have that much work experience after my studies.

During my job search on different job sites and platforms I connected with Levin, our CEO, who introduced me to the different possibilities at the company.

I thought the best opportunity for me was to start working as an Influencer Marketing Intern.

First of all it looked like it would be a great way to gain working experience in marketing, which was exactly I was looking for. Also the diversity of the team, having people from all over the world working together, indicated an open culture.

The whole applying process came together in a nice way. Having the first connection with Levin was nice, and then the final interviews were also very relaxed.

I just got the feeling that INFLURY would be a great place to start my career.

What were your tasks as an influencer marketing intern?

In the first weeks I was focused on learning how the platform works. We use it to research and find the best influencer profiles for the clients’ needs, so it’s important to know its workings inside out.

After getting to know the platform I started to work more and more through the whole campaign process.

Meaning, I sent out proposals to the influencers, to ask them to join the campaigns. Afterwards we have to do the content review before the selected influencers can post the content. It means we need to make sure that the influencers’ posts look exactly as they should look, and that they have all the needed elements such as hashtags and company mentions.

Little by little I had more and more tacks until I was handling a complete campaign on my own from the start to finish. In the end, as it is now, I was taking care of 2-3 campaigns mostly alone.

Or well, not alone of course, as I could always ask as many questions as I needed from the more senior campaign team members.

How is it working at INFLURY?

To me most of the time is pretty relaxed. We all usually know what we have to do when we arrive in the office as our tasks are pretty much defined.

Sometimes work can also get a bit stressful. But that is completely normal in a working environment where there are deadlines to meet. 

What is that one thing you appreciate the most?

The freedom we have to do our work. And as I mentioned before, this cultural cauldron we have in the office.

How do you find Berlin as a place to live?

Before I moved here I visited the city four times and spent some time here. It was a dream of mine to be able to live in Berlin for some time actually!

I love to live here as you always have something to do. I love going to concerts, and in Berlin I can see huge artists in arenas or stadiums. But I can also go to some club with 100 people inside to see some alternative artist. It’s great!

Besides that there are so many art galleries, exhibitions, parks, food from all over the world..

Berlin is also a super queer city, and that to me is super important. I love how supportive the city is with queer artists in general.

What is your greatest learning from your internship?

That you never stop learning. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, or how much you’ve studied. You will always have something to learn every day.

What would you say to a person wanting to apply for INFLURY as an intern?

Be yourself. You don’t have to play a character to get the job!

And when you do get it, don’t worry if you sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed in the beginning. It happens to all of us.

After a few weeks you will see that bit by bit everything will start to clear out.

What do you look forward to as a Junior Influencer Manager?

I want to keep learning with and from all the colleagues in the team. Hopefully I am able to also assist the people who are starting in the company by sharing the experiences I have from being an intern.

I got the chance to stay and develop with the company and I want to pass that experience on.

Does being an influencer marketing intern sound interesting to you? We are always looking for more people to grow with us so check out our open positions!

Employee interview: Influencer Marketing Manager

In our “Employee interview” series we want to show what working at INFLURY is like, and of course present our amazing employees!

The first person to start the series is Arianna, an Influencer Marketing Manager.

What made you apply for INFLURY? 

I didn’t actually apply here myself. I got a Linkedin message from the CEO Levin, asking me to have a call with him about a job opportunity. So I took a look at the website and thought that what they do is a very cool approach to Influencer Marketing. That’s why I decided to have a chat with him to see what he was offering.

Describe what you do on a daily basis

As an Influencer Marketing Manager I am responsible for the development and execution of various campaigns for our international clients. I lead a small team consisting of Junior Influencer Marketing Managers and interns, who support me in campaign management

My tasks include creating engaging and creative influencer campaign strategies for various brands who want to promote their products through influencers. I also manage and monitor all the phases of the campaigns – from choosing the influencers and shipping the products to the content review.

Besides campaign management I am also involved in improving the existing processes of the campaign team. So I do a lot of coordination and management in order to improve the team’s workflows.

How is it to work at INFLURY?

Everyone is friendly and there are no “labels” or hierarchy. As an employee you are free to communicate everything: every concern, every doubt, every idea. There is always someone willing to help or to listen.

What is that one thing you appreciate the most? 

The openness towards new ideas. INFLURY is a very open-minded place to work as there is no fear for new suggestions or chancing the status quo if that leads to improve the processes.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned so far?

To not be afraid to express myself. Communication is often a big pain point for companies as people are often unsure about what they can or can’t say. But at INFLURY is not like that all as communication is valued very high, whether it’s criticising or complimenting. 

If you could choose any brand or a person to do an Influencer Marketing campaign with, who would it be and why? 

It would be any humanitarian association or a company dedicated to a good cause! It’s amazing to see how well also influencers react when it comes to charity or to sensitive actions related to environmental issues, animal protection and similar topics.

It’s very gratifying to contribute to such causes with Influencer Marketing. It proofs that marketing can be a very powerful tool if applied the right way.

Can you tell a funny anecdote or a memory from the office? 

I have a lot of fun memories from Friday evenings at the office. We used to always stay long on a Friday, drink a beer and maybe go to grab a bite all together. For sure, INFLURY is not a boring office!

Alongside taking good care of our campaigns at work, what do you like to do on your free time? 

I really enjoy working out and practicing yoga. It clears my mind after a whole day sitting in front of the laptop.

If you got intrigued by what Arianna has to say about working at INFLURY, feel free to take a look at our open positions! We are always looking for motivated individuals to help us build the company.