How To Automate Your Influencer Marketing Process

Traditionally the influencer marketing process has been a manual one. Influencers have been researched and contacted individually, and the campaign metrics have been needed to manually collect into one place. 

Thus, influencer marketing has often been an inefficient, time- and resources-consuming effort based largely on gut-feeling.

To truly generate results and make marketing at a scale, we need the help from machines and automation.

However, like any marketing effort also influencer marketing shouldn’t be automated completely.

Its effectiveness is based on the authenticity of the influencer and the trust the audience has for the influencer. As of yet no machine can 100% make sure that the paid collaborations the influencer is taking part in do not break that trust and authenticity.

In this article we’ll guide you through how to automate your influencer marketing process without damaging the relationship between the influencer and their audience.

We will show you what steps in the process you should automate, why you should automate them and how to do it.

But you can also choose to see the results of an automated influencer marketing process immediately:

Learn how Organic Basics was able to scale their influencer marketing with automation

The case study will show you the campaign process behind the success, the campaign results and example posts from the influencers.

What steps belong to an influencer marketing process?

In order to know what to automatise and what not, we need to determine the steps in the influencer marketing process. 

We at INFLURY break down the process into the following steps:

The traditional Influencer Marketing process is manual.
Traditionally the influencer marketing process has a lot of manual steps

As stated before, traditionally all these steps have been done manually, making influencer marketing hard to scale. Automation can thus bring a lot of benefits, which will be covered next.

Automation saves time and helps to make data-driven decisions

By using automation as a tool, it can make a lot of the Influencer Marketing steps easier to manage.

Research and book the influencers fast and based on data

Automation brings the most benefits in the influencer research and booking phase. Based on the target audience criteria such as location, gender, age and interest, a software can find dozens or even hundreds of fitting influencers in minutes. 

A software can use millions of data points to analyze the target audience of an influencer. It can thus deliver a greater precision for the suitability of an influencer than a manual analysis.

A faster influencer booking also allows different A/B tests to personalize their campaigns or to book different types of influencers.

Fight against influencer fraud

Automation can also help in the quality control of the influencers by checking the follower growth rate and engagement rate for potential fraud cases. When the system already knows what is a suspicious behaviour, it can already flag these individuals and thus leave them out from the results.

Communicate more efficiently

You can also communicate with the influencers faster and more coordinated when automation is used. In a platform or with a software one can create predefined message templates which are easy to modify given any campaign type. These are then fast to send to a bunch of influencers.

A platform or a software also makes it easy to store all the communications in once place where multiple influencer managers can access it.

Keep a coherent brand image with predefined post templates and campaign briefs

Keeping a coherent brand image is also one of the challenges in influencer marketing. This is especially true when dealing with a lot of influencers.  Automation can help with it by offering post and campaign brief templates.

Set templates give the influencers very detailed instructions in what and how to post. They make sure that there are no misunderstandings and limits excess communications back and forth.

Thus, the influencers are on the clear what and how to post and can thus concentrate on the content creation part.

Analyse the campaign results from one place

Needless to say, automation is key in the analysis phase. From a platform all the metrics from different posts and different campaigns can be found in one place.

This not only makes the analysis and thus campaign optimization easier, it also makes the data more transparent. No more guessing how many engagements or clicks to the website were actually generated.

Don’t forget the human touch in influencer marketing

Photo from John Schnobrich

However, as stated at the beginning, influencer marketing can’t be automatised completely. If one takes a look at the steps described above, it is apparent that every single one of them still demands some human involvement. 

Somebody has to come up with the campaign plan and content strategy, which is the basis for the whole campaign. This basis determines the criteria with which to search for the influencers. 

Same goes for communication with the influencers and writing all the contracts and briefs. When dealing with other humans, another human being is still the best communicator.

Also one of the most important tasks for humans in influencer marketing is the content review. Just as you wouldn’t approve advertising from an agency without seeing it first, you need to proof the content from the influencers.

Analysis of the campaign metrics and the decisions based on those metrics also still needs to be done by a human. A software can show you a lot of suggestions, but the final decision is yours to make. Or the influencer manager’s.

Thus, automation can assist throughout the campaign process. It’s job is to leave the people more time on the things which a machine can’t do. 

But what if you don’t have the time or the people but would still like to get started with influencer marketing? Or maybe you have tried it manually but were not really happy with the results? If those were your cases, then we should talk.

Influencer marketing automation with INFLURY

INFLURY was founded because our CEO Levin realised automation can make influencer marketing so much more efficient and profitable. So our own platform of micro-influencers based on our own software was created, to make more better performing campaigns for our clients.

We at INFLURY take care of all of the influencer marketing needs for our clients. Therefore, when collaborating with us, the advertiser’s influencer marketing process will look as followed:

The Influencer Marketing process with INFLURY

With us our clients can concentrate solely on the creative idea and the overall strategy of the campaign. Our experts will take care of the rest with the software and the micro-influencers from our platform.

All the campaign results will also be found in one place, making the analysis and optimization easy.

Learn how automation can make all the difference to your influencer marketing campaigns

See the results Organic Basics was able to achieve when they went from manual and infrequent campaigning to a automatised and structured approach.

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