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How to really interact with Influencers

How to really interact with Influencers

With consumers looking for more authenticity and experience when buying a product, influencer marketing has set itself as a precious help for companies to reach their target audiences in a more effective and affordable ways.


Learn how to analyze Influencers for free and which KPIs are essential. Understand how easy it is to detect fake followers and get the real value of an Influencer.

Increase ROI

Get the most out of your campaigns and increase the Return-On-Investment (ROI) with Influencers. Track single Influencers and build landing pages in just minutes.


Collect data on the followers of your Influencer and use it to re-target the Influencer’s audience to run social media and online ads with different creatives.

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Perfect for everyone

Influry’s webinar goes through a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to influencer marketing.


Have a first approach to influencer marketing with an overview of the most used concepts. Learn how to master the tools needed to get started with influencer marketing, as well as who to target to build a strong online presence.


If you are already familiar with influencer marketing, you can learn about simple yet efficient strategies as well as tools to make your whole influencer marketing process easier. See how you can book and manage your Influencers more quickly.

Perfect for everyone

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Why this is a must-attend event

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