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Influencer Marketing with Influry

We offer you the perfect combination of software and reach.
Now learn how to create your first campaign and run effective Influencer Marketing.


Create an account

As an advertiser you can register free of charge at Influry. Create a personal account with your business email address.


Create a Business Account

In your personal account, deposit the information of the company you are working for. Companies, agencies and other advertisers can register with us.


Add your Brand and Products

For influencers it is important to know you and your company in order to understand it. Our brand portfolio gives you the flexibility to tell your story by adding photos, managing your products, and highlighting important information.


Begin with your first campaign

Create your professional campaign in help of our automation and structure. Our algorithm finds the appropriate influencers for you and supports you in all processes.


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What is the special in Influry?

Automation meets reach

High Reachability

We work with influencers of all sizes and niches. So we can always find the right influencer for you.

Transparent Real-Time Prices

With our auction system, you always receive a price suggestion from us, matching your chosen advertising format and target group. Book Influencer based on your contact price bid.

Detailed Analysis

Our in-depth data on the performance, target group and previous co-operation of influencers enable you to make profound decisions and optimize your campaigns.

Structured Advertising Formats

With our expertise, we have created clear advertising formats that make the cooperation with influencers more predictable and efficient. It has never been so easy to create structured campaigns.

Always find the right influencer

Independent network of thousands of influencers

Thanks to our discretion, we work together with many influencers, agencies and networks. For us, successful cooperation is at the top of our agenda. With our matching algorithm, we always suggest the right influencers for your campaigns.

Automated Processes

Scale your campaigns and get better results

Take advantage of our fast and automated processes to scale your campaigns and get more out of your Influencer Marketing. Our technology gives you the tools you need to achieve great results.