Influencer Marketing Industry Report 2019 in the DACH region

Get the statistics you need to succeed with Influencer Marketing

Make better decisions with the insights of the Influencer Marketing Industry in the DACH region

Since 2017 the influencer industry in the DACH region has been growing around 20% a year and it is expected to reach 1.2 Billion EUR in 2021. It is thus clear that more and more consumers are trusting the recommendations of online opinion makers. Consequently, more and more companies are embracing what Influencer Marketing has to offer.

These growth numbers represent a lot of opportunities for companies of various sizes; from growing their brand awareness to making more revenue. However, a lot of marketing managers and directors are often questioning the suitability of Influencer Marketing for their companies. More information is thus needed.

Whether you are the one weighing the pros and cons, or you need to convince others, our Influencer Marketing Industry Report 2019 is for you. It includes social media analyses and interviews with industry experts and influencers.

Our report will show you the relevant numbers of the market size, its actors, effects and future outlook. Its aim is to help you, or your superiors, to make better decisions.

From our report you will learn:

How trustworthy the consumers perceive the recommendations from influencers

What % of consumers have bought products endorsed by influencers

The amount and characteristics of the different influencer types: macro, micro and nano

The relevance of each social media channel

The different approaches of doing Influencer Marketing

How some of our clients have succeeded with us

From our report you will learn:

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